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SEAN STANTON takes a look at what we learned from wolves defeat to liverpool

1. Football is not a "funny old game"

I didn’t laugh once during that match tonight and the only time I cracked a bit of a smile was in the second half, when my daughter told me that Grimsby had beaten Southampton.
It’s not funny when their goalie only has to make one save.
It’s not funny when you’ve only scored one goal in the last three games and it’s definitely not funny when the prospect of relegation re-emerges out of the gloom.

2. Van DIjk and Konate are mustard.

And we are not talking about Aldi Mustard. We are talking about Colmans. 
Liverpool’s two central defenders totally bossed the match. I don’t think Raul received the ball facing their goal once. His back was to it everytime and the two giant defenders muscled him out of possession with ease.
They’d got Raul in their pockets and the buttons were fastened. 

3. Matheus Nunes is an enigma.

He’s confident, demands the ball, takes players on, runs with the ball, passes it forward and gives 100%.
So how come he hasn’t made that much of a difference?
Answer ?
F#ck knows.
That’s why he’s an enigma.

4. Ruben Neves is not an enigma.

Did he get tackled and lose the ball ? 
Did he give the ball away to the opposition ?
Did he ever look flustered ?
Did he give the ref a moments peace?
Will he be at Wolves next year ?
Will we be able to replace him ?

5. We're still in the doo doo.

With those two back to back wins against tonight’s opponents at Molineux and Saints away, we had managed to emerge out of the toilet bowl and were climbing up towards the bog seat. But two losses and a draw has sent us cascading back down into the pan and with Spurs and The Toon coming up we are in danger of finding ourselves on the wrong side of the U-bend.

6. The sales of brown trousers are booming because Wolves are continuing to "play out from the back"

Jose Sa is a quality GOALIE.
His job is to stop the ball going into the net, which he does very well and his distribution is decent too but we can’t expect him to calmy play out from the back like Thiago Silva.
Playing out from the back was an accident waiting to happen and that accident happened against Man City, yet we are still doing it.
I don’t like to watch the game through my fingers so please STOP PLAYING OUT FROM THE BACK.

7. Paul Tierney is a shit ref.

To be honest I think we all knew that anyway.

8. We are not as good as Liverpool.

Even though they ain’t been much good recently Liverpool are a fantastic team.
Ask yourself this. How many of the Wolves players would have got into liverpools team tonight ?
Probably just Ruben.
They had Jota, Salah and Nunes up front. We had Raul and Joao.
Do not despise the snake for having no horns.
Sean Stanton

article by Sean stanton

Born in Wolverhampton. Raised in Dudley, Drank in the Beacon in Sedgley until he had children. Now drinks at home.

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