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Sean Stanton shares his thoughts on the imminent departure of Julen Lopetegui

Wolves had a Ferrari. They needed to spend some money to upgrade the engine but they didn’t want to, so they got rid of the Ferrari and replaced it with a Ford Focus

Wolves had a holiday villa in the Maldives. It needed some money spent on renovation but they didn’t want to spend any, so they got rid of the Maldives villa and replaced it with a caravan in Rhyl.
Wolves were renting a home in the historic village of Tettenhall. They were told that if they wanted to carry on living there they would have to pay a bit more rent but they didn’t want to, so they moved to a terraced house in Brierley Hill
Wolves started going out with Miley Cyrus. They made her some promises when they first got together which they later reneged on. Miley was unhappy about this and she spoke out about it so Wolves fell out with her and started going out with Sonia from Eastenders.
Wolves had a world renowned, high quality manager called Julen Lopetegui and now they are going to replace him with a bloke sacked by Bournemouth last year.
Just so you know. 
I have a Ford Focus. 
I have stayed at a caravan in Rhyl and I have lived in a terraced house in Brierley Hill.
I haven’t been out with Sonia from Eastenders though. She is a fictional character. 
Wolves need another central defender.
Wolves need another another midfielder.
If Podence goes Wolves need another striker.
Put yourself in Lopetegui’s shoes.
He is a world class coach.
He came in and saved the club from relegation.
Five high quality players he had at his disposal last year have left. The club has sold ninety million pounds worth of players.
Yet Lopetegui has been given not one single penny to spend.
Wolves have insulted Lopetegui’s intelligence.
I don’t blame him for wanting out.
Remember what happened to Leicester City.
With one week to go before the start of the season Wolves have took the gun out. They have loaded it. They have pointed it downward and they have shot themselves in the foot.
Here are two words that will send a shiver down the spine of every Wolves fan.
Gary O’Neil.
Sean Stanton


Born in Wolverhampton. Raised in Dudley, Drank in the Beacon in Sedgley until he had children. Now drinks at home.

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1 Comment

  • by Garry Gonzalez
    Posted August 8, 2023 8:44 pm 0Likes

    Behave I for one love Fosun and the stability they have given us,

    That’s now Fosun, like before them Morgan and Moxey, protectors of WWFC.

    , .

    Lopetegui with the return of Fabio and Kalajdzic have nearly two players for each place, of PL quality. Why couldn’t he say to himself right I have the building blocks for a good campaign that as money becomes available later add more quality and value.

    Fans are not owners and not on the board, its not their business and literally none of their business demanding dumb things like the ground extension………….Why ever does it matter to them.

    Yet they support a guy who has only won one piece of silverware in 20 years of management and is frankly an embarrassment until the ‘fat lady sings’. Lopelopolous has/had the jury reconvening in November, when more evidence would be available.

    All we should be caring about is looking forward to your football and not the politics.

    Gary O’Neil and a ‘full English’ set up would be welcome at Molineux……..who knows he could be the ‘special one’.

    ❜ ❜. . He has been provided with a great opportunity, with a great group of players and allowed to have his coach party of coaches with him.

    First game Man Ure at Old Trafford you will be able to get first hand knowledge of the ‘Glazers Out’ campaign started by the Suffragettes years ago.. , ❜ ❜, ❜ ❜ .

    COYW life goes on stop the nonsense that you have no effect upon and bathe in that feeling of a new season upon us.

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