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Matheus Cunha Suffers Hamstring Blow: Wolves Manager Provides Insight

In February 2024, Matheus Cunha, faced a setback as he suffered a concerning hamstring injury. 

Recent updates indicate that Wolves boss Gary O’Neil has addressed the severity of Cunha’s injury, shedding light on the implications it carries for both the player and the team. 

The absence of Cunha, a key player in Wolves’ attacking lineup, poses a challenge for the squad as they strive to maintain their performance without one of their star forwards. 

Severity of the Injury

After the recent match against Brentford, Wolves boss Gary O’Neil provided an update on Matheus Cunha’s injury, stating that the forward had to be substituted due to a significant hamstring issue. O’Neil expressed concern over the severity of the injury and mentioned that they are closely monitoring Cunha’s condition to determine the best course of action for his recovery. The extent of the injury and the potential timeline for Cunha’s return to the pitch remained uncertain at this point.

Update from Wolves Boss Gary O’Neil

Gary O’Neil – “It’s a fairly significant injury to his hamstring. There’s no timeline on it. I’ve spoken to Matheus a lot and he just wants to keep pushing to get back as soon as he can.

“He’s started working on it already, so we’re just going to monitor it week by week, day by day, see how far he can come and how quickly we can get him back. He’s keen to get back out there as soon as possible.

“It’s obviously a big blow to us, to the team and Matheus because of the work he’s been doing – the form he was in was exceptional. These things happen, every team suffers injuries. Channy was gone for over a month with the Asian Cup and we managed to keep ploughing on and we need to do the same without Matheus.”

Recovery Process and Rehabilitation

Facing a hamstring injury like Matheus Cunha’s requires a meticulous recovery process and dedicated rehabilitation regimen. The journey back to full fitness is not just physical but also mental, involving a multi-faceted approach to ensure a successful comeback to the pitch.

The medical team plays a pivotal role in overseeing Matheus Cunha’s recovery journey. They will design a tailored rehabilitation plan focusing on strengthening the hamstring muscles, improving flexibility, and ensuring a gradual return to training. Challenges such as muscle imbalances, scar tissue formation, and the risk of re-injury need to be carefully managed throughout the healing process.

Dealing with an injury can be mentally challenging for any athlete, and Matheus Cunha is no exception. 

In professional football, hamstring injury recoveries typically follow a structured timeline:

  1. Initial Phase (0-2 weeks): Rest, ice, compression, and elevation to reduce inflammation and pain.
  2. Rehabilitation Phase (2-6 weeks): Physiotherapy sessions focusing on mobility, strength, and flexibility exercises.
  3. Return to Training Phase (6-8 weeks): Gradual reintroduction to running and football-specific drills under the guidance of the medical team.
  4. Return to Play Phase (8+ weeks): Full clearance to participate in matches after achieving optimal strength and function.

Factors influencing recovery include the severity of the injury, individual healing capacity, adherence to the rehabilitation programme, and the overall health and fitness of the player. By combining medical expertise, mental resilience, and a supportive environment, Matheus Cunha aims to tackle his hamstring injury head-on and bounce back stronger than ever on the football pitch.


Many news outlets are reporting that Matheus Cunha is out for the season, but Gary O’Neil has indicated that there is no timeline yet for Matheus’ recovery. What is clear is that he has been in incredible form and will be sorely missed by the Wolves squad and fans. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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