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player ratings by Andrew bennett

Conceding four at home to Leicester, todays player ratings could easily be done in one line. No fight, no spirit, lazy players who downed tools for the most of the game. Huge changes are needed if we are to avoid relegation if that is the kind of effort and application the team is going to put in. 


Leicester had 4 shots on target and scored four goals of which Jose Sa couldn’t have done anything to avoid. That said he was often slow on the ball and kicked the ball out of play a couple of times. Also almost had a goalkeeping nightmare in the first half when a clearance hit Patson Daka and fired across goal. 

Jonny Otto - 1

One of the worst defensive performances I have ever seen. Inability to control a basic ball to then concede a free kick which Leicester scored their first goal from. The second goal having no one on the pitch would’ve provided the same outcome as Jonny useless defending. Alongside this a lack of any positive passing and just all around shocking work rate. Should’ve been substituted before 30 minutes. 


The worst performance I’ve ever seen from Kilman, defensively probably not to blame for any goals did get beat far too easily for James Maddison and Leicesters 3rd but it can happen against quality attackers. The worst thing about his performance was the head down attitude and number of awful passes for the midfield to lose. 


Was a very quiet performance from Collins was caught for pace a few times by Daka and Vardy but otherwise didn’t do much. Wayward passes but who in the side didn’t do this today. The additional 0.5 is given for having the bottle to face the fans at the end and walk around the pitch with his hands up. 


Similarly to Collins gets an additional 0.5 for facing the fans at the end of the game. Otherwise a good performance from Bueno got forwards well whipped in many crosses and often put the balls into good places. He made a good connection with Podence on the left side and took corners for some of the game which went to positive areas. Beating the first man which is rare for Wolves players at set pieces. A positive sign in a very dismal afternoon. 


Didn’t do a lot of any note. Sideways and backwards passes, that being said this is the role Joao has in our side at the moment. Maybe his best moment was clearing a smoke bomb off the pitch so Wolves could kick off after Leicesters third goal. 


Showed passion and desire often sprayed great balls out to Adama, Bueno and Podence. When only one of the midfielder’s shows any strength and desire to get around the pitch it makes it a hard afternoon. Similar to Bueno and Collins came to the crowd at the end of the game which I have to give credit for. 


Absolutely awful performance from Nunes who to easily lost the ball and just doesn’t seem physically confident in himself to win 50/50 battles. Made one run of note in the first half and made a nice pass to the left to Bueno to set off an attack, playing in midfield you can’t make one good sequence all match and expect anything else. If we had a competent squad I would take him out of the team for a couple of weeks as he seems absolutely shot of confidence and needs to improve his fitness. Due to a lack of management we don’t have enough competent replacements so will inevitably continue to play and do nothing. 


A busy performance from Podence who wanted to get on the ball and make things happen. He managed to link up well with Bueno on the left and had two good shots one in each half which went just wide. As a forward though Wolves need goals and another match without any is disappointing. 


A very Adama performance got past James Justin multiple times early on and put in poor balls to no one. Then he decided to stop going wide and running inside into crowds and losing the ball. So much promise and ultimately disappointing as is appearing the norm with Adama. The second half he was rather anonymous as the majority of the team. 


I can’t argue with the fight and passion Costa shows however as of yet as like all Wolves forwards it has not clicked. He had a great chance in the first half just deflected over the bar. Too many times he seemed to want to take far to many touches before shooting. Another game passes and no goals for Wolves strikers, one wonders if we are cursed. 


Nelson Semedo on for Jonny at 66 minutes – 4

An improvement on Jonny but I can’t imagine that playing Jose Sa at right back would’ve been a downgrade after his abysmal showing. Semedo did try to drive forward but didn’t really do much else apart from collecting a yellow card for a late challenge. 

Chem Campbell on for Nunes at 66 minutes – 5.5 

Another of the Wolves players who came to the fans at the end, looked like he wanted to run and try beat his man. Sadly received the ball far too few times. Similar to Bueno he also won and took a couple of corners where the ball was put into good positions but nothing came from it. I look forward to seeing him again during the course of the season as a hot prospect. 

Finally, B.Traore on for Joao at 81 minutes and Hwang on for Costa at 81 minutes. I’m the case of Hwang and Traore the game was dead and nothing really happened for the last 10 minutes to make any comments. 


To summarise the game was a total disappointment and if Wolves or any team is to regularly put in performances like that then only one thing awaits – Relegation. A hard one to write and I don’t envy Steve Davis’s task to try and analyse that game as it’s nearly impossible to give the players the fight and determination if they don’t want it. Up next, Brentford only conceded four at Villa Park this afternoon so of course won’t be motivated at all to put their wrongs right in front of a home crowd at the G-Tech Community Stadium next weekend which looks like another incredibly challenging game.


Andrew Bennett, Always Wolves Fan TV


From my first Wolves match against Chelsea in 2003 I fell in love with the team and matchday experience. I work in digital marketing and have lived in Germany and Estonia over the past few years, this doesn’t stop me following Wolves and ensuring all my international friends become invested to the Wolf pack. I enjoy football, board games, a pint and travelling always excited to try new things. You will find me in the north bank on a matchday. 


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