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chris humphries assesses the transfer window so far

So, the 2022 Summer Transfer window hasn’t yet shut but the proverbial first game horse is about to bolt through it, and as we can now see Wolves have found themselves with just a small amount of time until the window shuts completely.

So, what do we now understand of what business most of us fans would expect to see? I think it’s important to look at the whole picture starting with the managers vision on where his squad needs to be!

Bruno made a statement some time ago that his ideology regarding his squad size that he wanted coverage in the squad by having two players for each position.

This doesn’t mean two players for every position but two players that if needs must can cover every position

So, looking at the numbers (my preferred player first)

Wolves News - Summer Transfer Window

Sa/ Sarkic/ Sondergaard

Right back

Semedo/ Otto/ Lembikisa / Mosquera

Right Sided Central Defenders

Collins/ Coady/ Mosquera

Left Sided Central Defenders

Kilman/ Boly / Toti

Left Back

Otto/ Ait-Nouri/ Bueno/ Toti

Central midfielder 1

Neves/ Moutinho/ Dendonker/ Cundle/ Ronan/ Jordao

Central midfielder 2

Neves/ Moutinho/ Dendonker/ Cundle/ Ronan/ Jordao

Forwards Wide

Neto/ Podence/ Gibbs-White/ Traore/ Chiquinho/ Hwang

Forwards Central

Raul/ Hwang/ Gibbs-White/ Campbell

Looking at the interchangeability in the side you can see that the injury to Chiquinho while unfortunate as it seemed that he was going to play a big part in our season this year to be cruelly sidelined doesn’t affect our squad too much as of today (2/8/2022).

I’ve included players that may not be with us come the end of the transfer window for instance Traore. However, I do think that Traore could still be a Wolves player in September and still part of the squad. I could also talk about how his situation has been mismanaged but that’s a whole different story.

The absolute pinch point before considering Raul’s injury was in the striker position, where you see we are woefully lacking in Depth, I cannot understand that the logic behind Fabio going on Loan doesn’t apply directly to Campbell – he needs to be afforded the same opportunity and probably would have already been sent on loan if the injury to Raul hadn’t occurred.

Hwang whilst showing initial promise, wasn’t at the races towards the end of year but to be fair I think some of that was down to injury niggles and his recent holiday fulfilling his duty to his country under conscription has put him someway behind the rest of the squad in terms of fitness.

The one player we do have currently out on loan who seems to be performing is Leo Campana who I believe is on loan until the End of the MLS season, so we could see him in a Wolves shirt maybe after the World cup has finished, I think the likelihood is he will be sold, however.

This therefore is probably the make or break area in our transfer window, yes there can be some pleasure in the fact that we still have a Moutinho or a Neves in midfield , but their retention should not overshadow the fact that the squad hasn’t developed at all bar the inclusion of another Centre half, where we already had plenty of cover- albeit not in the manner needed to cover our impending switch to 4 at the back.

The pressure is on Messrs. Shi and Sellars to deliver here: – if they don’t I fear the tsunami of discontentment that will head their way, the good vibes that have been around since Fosun took over ownership of our great club will be washed upon the shore and scattered like pebbles.

Let’s hope that at least between now and the end of the window that they do indeed have a plan, Mr Sellars understands our risks and weaknesses and is looking to strengthen, and we are not as a lot of social media opinions suggest are broke and we will not be investing any further- or it will be a long hard struggle until the new window is open.

Still, I am ready and waiting to get behind the lads at kick off and see how the season fairs, Keep the faith all and see you at Molineux

ARTICLE BY chris humphries

Chris Humphries is a Season Ticket holder at Molineux who has been supporting Wolves since the mid 70’s. His other interests include Formula 1 and Rallying.


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