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1. That Monkey was really really heavy

We are talking less of a monkey than a silverback gorilla. Sometimes you can only truly know the weight of something when you put it down. The relief when this great ape was finally removed was tangible for the manager, the players, the supporters and the whole club. This was no ordinary win, you could see from the players reactions that it had become an issue. The celebrations were more akin to what you would see after a major cup win, rather than what should have been a fairly regulation home win against a team most would expect Wolves to finish comfortably above come the end of the season. Such was the need for a win that no one really cared about the manner it came in or whether it was fully deserved or not, it was just a win and the relief palpable. 

2. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good (part 1)

Only Daniel Podence will know for sure if the match winner was an absolutely sublime dink over the keeper, or a miss hit cross. On assessment of multiple replays, the majority will probably favour that this was unbelievable good fortune rather than outrageous skill. This is Podence’s second goal of the season, and both have owed a rather large debt to lady luck for the assist. Molineux didn’t care and if Podence insists it was his intention, then we will all happily believe him. 

3. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good (part 2)

It is doubtful that Jose Sa is overly familiar with 90’s crooners The Verve, but if ever there was a time to turn the Stereo up to 11 and blast out the anthemic ‘Lucky Man’ then this was it. Sa should have dealt with a cross pretty comfortably but spooned the ball into the air less than a foot away from the goal line and into a space where only one man was standing.  Enter Che Adams with one of the most astonishing examples of failure against all odds you will ever see. Adams needed to apply a touch to the ball, any touch would have done, except for the one that he applied with his arm. This truly has to be seen to be believed. Whether a deal was done with a malevolent power by a member of the Molineux faithful to ensure that a Wolves win was the outcome or not, Adams will feel the pain of this one until the end of his career. 

4. Hwang Hee Chan-ts

There is good and bad here. Let’s start with the bad as it probably resulted in the good. As subs were again (finally) made with around 10 minutes to go, up stepped Hwang Hee Chan. Fresh from a penalty miss, a sliced clearance and a succession of very poor performances, a lot of fans thought he may be left on the periphery for a little more time yet. The game felt too similar to Newcastle when defending a small lead and there was obviously a fear of history repeating. As it was clear that Hwang was the sub to be utilised, audible boo’s were heard in some areas. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt, it is understandable that Hwang at best splits opinion, but it is unusual for supporters to boo their own players. So then we can choose to believe that the boo’s were for the change and not necessarily the player. It’s a stretch but probably a preferable conclusion, compared to thinking that parts of the fanbase would boo one of their own. The good followed however, Molineux sensed something and went on to loudly sing Hwang’s song and loudly celebrate any meaningful contribution. The player will no doubt have appreciated it, and it seemed to work. Questions after the game focussed on the support and not the negative moments that proceeded it. The majority of the Wolves crowd know instinctively when corrective action is needed and it delivered. 

5. Excrement happens!

There must be blame, there just must be right? Wolves have signed a striker finally and the striker lasts less than one half before suffering a season long injury. This is after all is a striker with a problematic injury record and with a stature unlike many others, you would think that pressures on joints would be more common place than with a more average person. Surely then the medical team should have spotted this and predicted it? Perhaps Lage should have eased him in to the game and not started him from the off, before he had become accustomed to Premier League pace and aggression. Perhaps a third striker should have been purchased to play second reserve to two international strikers, and be happy to warm the bench for the season. Why have we sent a striker out to tear up the Belgian league and start his journey to stardom. Blame, there must be blame. The reality is however that sometimes things just happen, and there is no one to vent the frustration at. This feels like one of those times. He clearly would have passed the medical just fine. Wolves had two international strikers competing for one role in a single striker formation, backed up by some part time forwards beneath the glass in case of emergency. Sometimes things just happen and there is no blame. It is still frustrating.

Wolves News - Things learned Wolves 1-0 Southampton

6. ‘Otto know’

‘Cause he’s here, to remind me, of the games he played before he went away’ so sayeth Alanis Morissette (I think that’s what she was singing) Jonny seemed to remember how to play effective football at half time. He has struggled this season, but suddenly it all seemed to click, and the player we remember returned just when we needed him most. In the second half he was everywhere, running past players, carrying the ball the whole width and length of the pitch. There was even a slight glimpse of a smile. Jonny felt more burdened than most with the weight of a double knee injury and threat of repeat seemingly on his mind. Something seemed to click back in to place, and the memory that he was a fantastic footballer changed to he is a fantastic footballer. 

7. Nunes is arriving

Were there doubts as to his ability? not really. When you start to see that talent first hand though, then it inspires and lifts. This wasn’t yet the arrival of Nunes into the Premier League, there is a lot more to come you would think. This felt like his train arriving at the station at least and his first foot landing majestically on to the platform. This is a player. 

Dave Porter, Always Wolves Fan TV

article by Dave Porter

Wolverhampton born, East Sussex based supporter. Old enough to have seen the descent to the bottom, young enough to not have experienced the days my friend. Not many Wolves fans to celebrate or commiserate with round these parts, so had to find an outlet to discuss the enormous highs, crushing lows and share the frustrations that only come with following Wolves.  


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