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Watch our reaction as Hungary destroy a clueless England in the Nations League at Molineux Stadium. Final result was a 0-4 loss and Gareth Southgate’s future as England manager is thrown into question.

Hungary’s victory was their first on English soil in nearly 70 years, while it was the Three Lions’ heaviest defeat at home since losing 6-1 to Scotland in 1928.




Gareth Southgate completely overlooked the advantages of playing Conor Coady. He featured on the cover of the programme, expressed his desire to play at Molineux for his national team but he spent the whole match warming the bench. Although this was an England game there was a huge attendance from local Wolves fans who would have loved to see their captain play.  Gareth completely overlooked what playing Coady could do for the atmosphere at Molineux and the organisation he brings to the team at the back – we all know how Coady loves to talk!

There was definitely a Conor shaped hole at the back although with such a dismal performance he’s probably glad he wasn’t involved.


Gareth has said he wanted to experiment during this run of Nation’s League matches but with no goals from open play has he learned anything useful? Southgate was the main target for a mutinous Molineux crowd with chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing” as a result of the worst performance in his six years and 74 games as England manager. Gareth now has two more Nations League games, against Italy and Germany in September to get the team tournament ready for the World Cup.


gareth has his say…


"It was an important experience for lots of young players in these games. We've learned a lot in Germany and Italy games. Hungary are a good side and we knew that. I gave them too much to do tonight.
Gareth Southgate
England Manager


Harry Kane talking about Gareth Southgate's future

"It's a really disappointing question to be asked. Let's not forget where we have come from," Kane told BBC Radio 5 Live. "Gareth has been a key part of transforming this England team to one of the most successful sides we have had in the past 50 years. "I know it's disappointing for the fans. It has been a disappointing camp, every now and then football throws up a surprise. We have to look at the big picture. "It's the first low point I've had in five years, a really disappointing night. We expect to win these games, but it wasn't our night. We need to stay calm and learn from it. "We've had two fantastic tournaments in a row. It's not the time to panic. It's a loss we're disappointed with but we need to stay calm and we know we have stuff to work on."
Harry Kane
England Captain

match stats



England are facing Italy on 23rd September and Germany on 26th September before their opening game of the tournament against Iran.


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