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Gary O’NeIl Delves into Wolves’ Pre-Crystal Palace Prep and Transfer Updates

As the season winds down, Wolves’ manager Gary O’Neil shared insights on team dynamics, injuries, and transfer strategies in his latest press conference at Compton. With the upcoming match against Crystal Palace, there’s a blend of anticipation and strategising in the air. Here’s a breakdown of the significant updates from the press event.

Team Fitness and Availability

An initial point of interest was the fitness update on some key players. Santiago Bueno is set to be back in action which is a positive note for the team. However, Pedro Neto is still not ready to return, which certainly dims the scenario slightly. With Dawson also sidelined, the team’s depth will be tested in the upcoming games.

Season’s Progress and Reflections

O’Neil reflected on the season’s journey, highlighting the adversities the team has faced, particularly with injuries. Despite losing talents worth£1m last summer, the team has managed to gather 46 points, an improvement from last year’s total of 41. O’Neil remains optimistic about the possibility of reaching 49 points by the season’s end, viewing it as a testament to the team’s resilience and efforts.

Facing Crystal Palace

The change in management at Crystal Palace with Oliver Glasner taking over the reins after Roy Hodgson has revitalised their squad, according to O’Neil. He compared Wolves’ challenges with those of Palace, noting both teams have undergone significant transitions and faced similar hurdles. The upcoming game is seen as a critical opportunity for Wolves to counter Palace’s strategies effectively and deliver a memorable game for the fans in their last home match of the season.

Transfer Talks and Summer Strategies

Looking ahead, O’Neil discussed the summer transfer strategy, indicating a cautious approach due to financial constraints. He stressed that any significant investments in the squad would likely require selling players first, as the club aims to self-fund its activities in the foreseeable future. However, he remained hopeful about constructive discussions with players returning from loans and aligning strategies with key decision-makers at the club.

Fan Engagement and Support

O’Neil wrapped up by acknowledging the fans’ unwavering support throughout the season. He expressed a desire to give them a strong finish to the season, ensuring the last home game is a fulfilling experience for the supporters who have stayed loyal through ups and downs.




“I don’t think there will be money available to us without selling a player. The club is expecting in the foreseeable future to fund itself. But these things can change. I wouldn’t expect it to be a summer where we spend millions and millions.”

“We’ll have to do some really good business in the summer. It’s difficult to answer until it gets going but we’ll be doing everything we can.”


  • Pedro Neto has returned to training but will not be involved on Saturday because he has “not done enough at high speeds to guarantee it’s not a risk for him”. However, Santiago Bueno is back and available.

  • O’Neil said “the change in results and momentum” show how injuries have impacted them this season, adding: “No excuse, of course – we understand all teams have injuries. To have no forwards available for a long part of the season is tough in the Premier League.”

  • On next season: “We want to push on so I don’t want it so be seen as ‘yeah we’ve done OK this year and everyone can go off and be happy’. It’s something to build on.”

  • He said he believes Crystal Palace’s upturn in form is down to both the change in manager and key players returning. He said: “The new coach and fresh ideas, they’ve got [Ebrechi] Eze and [Michael] Olise back, and [Marc] Guehi coming back. Roy Hodgson did a fantastic job for a very long time. The changes are not only due to form and not only due to a change of coach. It will be a tough test for us – they’re on a really good run.”

  • He added: “A last home game that we want to be enjoyable for us and the fans. A chance to go out on a high.”

  • On the club’s plans for the summer, O’Neil said there is lots still to be discussed but he “isn’t sure how much they will be able to do”. He added: “I don’t think there will be money available to us if nobody leaves. If we decided not to sell a big player there may be some bits and pieces we can do. The club is expected – in the foreseeable future, maybe not long-term future – to be able to fund itself.”

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