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A frustrating afternoon at Molineux where there were very few players who shone in a passive 1-1 draw with a poor Nottingham Forest side. The man of the match was the full time whistle ending a half without any attacking quality from the home side. 



Couldn’t do much more to stop the goal as Toffelo was far too open and close to expect a save. Otherwise on his return offered a commanding performance claiming the ball from crosses and saving when called upon, a professional performance even saving his captain at the end of the first half during a moment of madness allowing a Forest player to go through one on one, Sa made himself big and made the save. 


A total moment lacking concentration allowing Forest to score an easy goal early in the goal let Nelson down in what was a good performance. Did not commit himself forward as much as I think he possibly should have done, but often was found in space and tried to get us going which is more than can be said for Bueno and Doherty on the other side. An average performance from a below par game. 


As the right and left (Toti) center back in a back three it is up to these players to set the tempo in games where we dominate possession. This was very true, in this case setting a slow, lethargic and passive tempo to a dull game. Didn’t try and progress the ball forward and rarely maurauded into yards of space often vacated ahead of him. Made errors unlike Kilman in particularly letting a Forest player pick his pocket and go through on goal, seemed to be lost as Forest grew in confidence throughout the second half and at no point particularly seemed in control of Elanga who was often making dangerous movements yet due to the away sides own ineptitude didn’t turn their man. 


Cleared every ball that came to him, didn’t take any ridiculous risks and seemed composed between two shaky defenders. Couldn’t ask for much more from the experienced pro, in the second half was clearly telling his fellow defenders to calm down without his leadership I think we would have conceded another goal. 


Possibly the worst performance I have ever seen from Toti, consistently sloppy passing putting Bueno in trouble. Lost the ball multiple times and in general did not seem comfortable. Was not under too much pressure defensively but as with Kilman slowed the game down far too much and didn’t move into space afforded ahead of him. A poor showing from the new Portugal international. A moment which summed him up was from an attacking set piece in the first half where he just did not communicate with Dawson in front of him (Toti would’ve had a brilliant opportunity to head on goal) and Dawson on the stretch headed the ball away. 

Hugo Bueno (off 68 min) - 5.5 

With the exception of two moments throughout his 68 minute performance Hugo did not challenge the Forest wingbacks, always looked to go backwards and too often played sloppy balls. Tired towards the end of the game and was rightfully substituted, he is showing the importance of pace in a wing back which sadly he seems to lack in comparison to Ait Nouri.  


A tough week for Gomes, two games against Burnley and Forest where he has struggled to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Too often didn’t show himself for a pass from the back three and didn’t seem to know what to do to progress the ball forwards. Played well defensively despite on a couple of occasions in the second half holding onto the ball too long and losing it allowing the visitors opportunities. 

Mario Lemina (off 61 min) - 7

A good performance from Lemina, covered every blade of grass. Looked to go down with what could be a muscle injury so was withdrawn in the 61st minute, a ball of energy in a very passive side this afternoon. We have to hope he will not be out injured and his withdrawal was merely a precaution. Despite his energy and attempts to control the game didn’t manage to have many memorable moments to report on. 

Pablo Sarabia (off 68 min) - 7 

Contributed a beautiful assist cutting the ball back for Cunha’s goal, and this moment inspired 10-15 minutes of energy in Sarabia’s performance where he showed a class touch without being able to create another opportunity. Apart from this short period he was mostly anonymous and struggled to break through the Forest back line. Often was found very central and Lemina out on the wing throughout the game which seemed strange as removed a threat down the wing.   


Ran his socks off all game, didn’t get into a goalscoring opportunity until the second half when he was barged off the ball by a Nottingham Forest defender, could have maybe been given as a penalty kick but would have seemed soft – Have to applaud his attitude often running into channels trying to claim overhit balls, you feel that if a chance had presented itself to the Bull he would have been on the scoresheet.  

Matheus Cunha (off 91 min) - 7.5 MAN OF THE MATCH

Our goal scorer and main creator this afternoon, finished a sweeping move in the first half with a lovely finish into the bottom corner. Cunha was alive and making the right runs even if not always being found by his teammates. Goal contributions in five consecutive games the Brazilian is on a red hot streak and seems to be happy playing football in a team vastly lacking creativity. 


Boubacar Traore (61 min) – 6.5

Entering the field for an injured Mario Lemina Traore did inject some energy to the Wolves team however a lack of quality and inability to break through the lines meant he was limited to a couple of moments including one shot closer to the roof of the south bank than the net! 

Matt Doherty (68 min) – 5

Albeit playing on the left side of defence (a position it becomes clearer is not one for the Irish International) Doherty was very poor from the first moment where he gifted Nottingham Forest the ball and allowed Toffelo to beat him, then as the half progressed he didn’t offer anything and as the rest of the team seemingly floated through until the 90th minute. 

Jean-Ricner Bellegarde (68 min) – 6

As Bellegarde entered the pitch Molineux hoped he could be the man to inject some life into Wolves second half performance, however it was not to be. Poor touches, a lack of urgency and misplaced passes meant as the rest of the home side’s midfield he did not provide the impact Gary O’Neil would have hoped for. 

Sasa Kalajdzic (91 min) – N/A

The big Austrian striker made one touch in a three minute performance heading the ball on from a throw. Due to the players behind him and poor decision making he didn’t get an opportunity to go for a ball in the box. 

Other days Wolves would’ve lost this game, after a shocking performance lacking urgency we can leave content taking a point from the match and moving on to the next one. 

Andrew Bennett, Always Wolves Fan TV


From my first Wolves match against Chelsea in 2003 I fell in love with the team and matchday experience. I work in digital marketing and have lived in Germany and Estonia over the past few years, this doesn’t stop me following Wolves and ensuring all my international friends become invested to the Wolf pack. I enjoy football, board games, a pint and travelling always excited to try new things. You will find me in the north bank on a matchday. 

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