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It was another difficult game away to Newcastle United, were we outdone by VAR or are we the masters of our own destiny, today showed us again how some lack the quality needed to pull way clear of the relegation battle.


Apart from one great save and picking the ball out of the net twice he didn’t have too much to do. Then again it wasn’t without him being under seige at times. His distribution was alot better and he was eager to get the ball up field to encourage our attacks. His handling was good when he needed to be but I still feel he could command his box more and come and collect crosses, for a big guy, he has the reach.


I felt he got exposed too much in the first half on the right, Saint-MaximIn seemed to twist and turn him a lot, although he did get support from the midfield and Traore. In the second half he got more joy down the right hand side with Neto. Maybe that was a confidence thing knowing Saint-MaximIn had been taken off. Managed to get one excellent cross in but somewhat off his usual ratings of late.


This game seemed to catch him out for me, not enough quality in his passing, lacked awareness of the runs of Trippier etc and wasn’t tight enough. The goal came from a lethargic attempt to beat Isak in the air. A few ventures forward in the second half but taken off after 68 mins, where is the Jonny we all used to see 18 months ago?


Made some good blocks in the first half and gradually grew into the game after a few sloppy minutes at the start. The first half was all about defending set pieces and free kicks as well as blocking shots. His distribution was better in the second half but he wasn’t really allowed to make those silky dribbles through the centre of the park. 


Always availbable for the ball, short passes into the midfield but he was not able to make those diagonal balls to the right wing, had to work hard with blocking shots, using his body strength to hold people off but not the colossus that we have become accustomed to of late.

Ruben Neves - 6

This score is uncharacteristic for him, battered and bruised today, got a couple of dodgy challenges today which may have led to his substitution on 68 mins being replaced by Nunes. One notable effort that went high and wide, which is not like Ruben, not his day but never gave up battling. 

Mario Lemina - 6
The first half was probably in my opinion, a half that didn’t show his qualities, it seemed to be a game that wasn’t physical enough. The second half was different though, he battled, tackled and sat in front of the centre halves to stem the central midfield. He was even the last man in the 2nd half for large parts, not enough room in the centre though to spread the ball and everything seemed to go down the left side in the last 20 mins.
I’m not convinced that he can play a full game at the pace of the Premier League, especially in advanced positions but he does give it his all. He started well but as we defended more in the first half, he seemed to fade. He continued the 2nd half in a more balanced midfield that allowed us more of the ball but crosses into the box were poor. He had one shot but that produced a save from their keeper. Replaced on 74 mins by Collins.
Early doors he seemed to be the main threat in our limited attacks but he was too far away from Raul and had to try to beat his man too many times on the outside. He tracked back well and stayed on his feet for once, he has finally realised that he has to defend as much as he can attack but I think he needs to cut into the box more and that forces defenders to panic. Withdrawn at half time, which I found suprising as he was one of our better players. Replaced by Neto.
A game which he had to be aware of two huge centre halves, tried his best to win the duels but was mainly trying to pick the pockets of their defence. He was very, very unlucky not to get a penalty after Pope appeared to connect with him in the box, I wasn’t convinced at first but it went to VAR who said no. On reflection, I saw the error VAR had made, it was a penalty IMHO and Pope should have gone. Involved in hustling Trippier in the goal.
Daniel Podence - 5
He looked lost in this game, stray passes, not enough impact on the game for me, tricky at times but running into a wall. There are too many times when he makes the wrong choices, he can be unplayable when he is on it, not today. One well hit shot against the post but that was his last contribution to the game. Replaced by Hee Chan on 68 minutes.
Pedro Neto - 6.5 (45 min)
He is slowly coming back into the side and also brining some quality with it, good incisive runs, always willing to recieve the ball and some quality crosses. His free kick drew a fabulous save from Pope, it deserved a goal to be honest. We’ve missed him and his infectious enthusiasm and ability to run and cut back to deliver into the box.
Hwang Hee Chan - 5.5 (68 min)
An impact sub, first touch caused havoc in the defense, chased the looping ball that Trippier failed to deal with under pressure from Raul and slotted home the loose ball. Unfortuantely that is really as much as he contributed but its good to see him back in the squad and the goal will give him a lift.
Matheus Nunes - 5 (68 min)
I can’t really give him much more than I did, he had the ball a few times and could have driven forward but he went backwards. I can’t understand where his form has gone from early doors. He needs to attack more for me but lacks the confidence.
Rayan Ait Nouri - 4 (68 min)
Couldn’t cope with Almiron which led ultimately to their second goal. Going forward has the pace but can’t pick the right pass and gets caught out, he’s getting too exposed by playibg as a wingback.
Nathan Collins - 4 (74 min)
A very nervous first few minutes for him, he made me feel like there was a mistake in him, he delivered that but got away with it with a loose pass. Not the same impact as last week

So there may be some raised eyebrows for these ratings! For me man of the match would be Neto, showed us that he has the quality to deliver again. If he could do this against Leeds and Nottingham Forest that would be excellent.

Craig Hickey


A 53 year old season ticket holder in the Steve Bull stand. Go along with my two young lads who love the Wolves and so far, the positive times. Long may it continue.

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