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We were asked TO provide a statement on the feedback we have received on the ticket pricing and how it affects fans to be given to Jeff Shi at the emergency fan advisory board meeting

Wolves Season Ticket Prices 2024: Why Fans Are Outraged and Demanding Change

As Always Wolves have a large following of Wolves fans we have received numerous messages from supporters who find themselves struggling, distressed and angry at huge price hikes in the cost of season tickets. 

The drastic rise in prices for the 2024 season has left many supporters feeling both disheartened and, frankly, exploited. Loyal fans are questioning the fairness of such significant hikes, especially in a period where financial strains are a reality for many households. For all 6 years Wolves have been in the Premier League there have been price rises and at this point the increases are just too much.

The disparity between the club’s pricing strategies and the expectations of its devoted fanbase has become painfully evident. As ticket prices soar, so does the frustration amongst the very people who have been the lifeblood of the club. 

Impact on Dedicated Fans

The relentless surge in Wolves season ticket prices is not merely a numerical increase; it is a financial barrier that threatens to exclude long-standing supporters from the very heart of the action. For fans who have faithfully stood by the club through thick and thin, these soaring costs pose a significant dilemma. The burden of choosing between their unwavering loyalty and the strain on their wallets is a dilemma no fan should have to face.

Many devoted fans find themselves having to rethink their priorities. What once was a family tradition of attending matches together is now a luxury few can afford. The higher costs not only affect individual fans but also have broader implications for family bonding and community spirit centred around football. The potential loss of this communal experience is deeply disheartening.

The average salary is £34.8k in Wolverhampton and £38.5k in South Staffordshire. The UK average salary was £42.2k in 2023. This doesn’t appear to have been taken into account with the clubs benchmarking strategy. (Figures taken from National Statistics)

  • Financial Strain: The added expense can be a hefty load on families already dealing with everyday financial pressures.
  • Exclusion: Long-term fans, who have supported the club for years, may now find themselves priced out of attending matches.
  • Community Impact: The rise in costs affects the wider local community, which has always rallied around match days as a unifying event.

Are Fans Getting Value for Money?

As Wolves justifies the surge in season ticket prices for 2024, it raises questions among devoted fans regarding the perceived value they are receiving for their investment in the club. Many supporters are unhappy with the poor state of maintenance for Molineux and the failure to make any development to improve the experience for fans in the Steve Bull Stand.

Fans are already concerned that messages from senior management indicate a lack of ambition for the football on the pitch with all communication heading towards an acceptance on mediocrity which is unforgivable in any sporting environment.

We understand the need for the club to maximise their revenue streams to remain competitive, but on this occasion this clashes with the affordability of many fans. Whilst fans are being asked to dig deeper, club communications suggest that Wolves need to become self sustaining and there will be no further investment from our owner Fosun. If fans are expected to pay more that should come with commitment from the owners to pay more!

Voices of the Fans

These narratives underscore the emotional and financial toll the new pricing scheme has taken on the loyal Wolves fanbase:

  • Emily, a devoted Wolves supporter for over a decade, lamented, “Attending matches has always been my passion, but with the steep rise in ticket prices, it feels like my loyalty is being taken for granted. I fear that many fans like me will be forced to watch from afar due to these exorbitant costs.”
  • James, a father and lifelong Wolves fan, voiced his apprehension, stating, “I’ve cherished the tradition of bringing my son to matches, but the price hikes threaten to sever that bond. It’s disheartening to see the club prioritise profits over the fans who have been the backbone of its spirit.”
  • Sarah, a local supporter known for her unwavering dedication, expressed her disappointment, remarking, “The community aspect of match days is integral to the fabric of our town. These escalating prices risk alienating long-time fans and eroding the camaraderie that defines our Wolves family.”

A Call for Change: Advocating for Fair and Accessible Ticketing Policies

The growing concerns surrounding the affordability and inclusivity of ticketing policies have sparked a fervent call for change. As voices across the Wolves community unite in advocacy for fair and accessible ticketing, the imperative for the club to heed these calls becomes increasingly urgent.

We urge Wolves to reconsider their pricing strategy and review the experience for match going fans. It is not too late to correct the mistakes and acknowledge that the pricing increases has been out of touch with local reality. Going forward we would ask the Wolves commit to engaging and listening properly to fans and supporters groups before increasing prices to avoid any such future misjudgement.

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