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Wolves Season Ticket Update: What You Need to Know

Wolves fans, we have some important updates regarding the season ticket situation. There’s been a lot of work and pressure from fan groups, the trust, and the Fans Advisory Board. Let’s dive into what was discussed and decided at the recent meeting.

Key Outcomes from the Meeting

Concessions and Freezes

After significant pressure from fans, representatives from Wolves met with the Fans Advisory Board. The meeting lasted around three and a half hours. Here’s what they agreed:

  • Guaranteed Freeze on Adult Season Ticket Prices: There will be no increase in adult season ticket prices for the 2025/26 season. This is a major win for fans concerned about rising costs.
  • No Increase for Under-14s: The previously planned price hike for under-14s has been rolled back.
  • Review of Junior Ticket Pricing: The pricing strategy and structure for junior tickets will be reviewed in consultation with the Fans Advisory Board and fans from the 2025/26 season onward.

Club’s Statement

Wolves issued a statement highlighting the productive nature of the meeting. They discussed various topics, including pricing, communication, and support for junior fans. The club acknowledged the essential role of fan feedback and committed to open communication and collaboration to ensure success both on and off the pitch.

Response from Fan Groups

Fan groups collectively released a statement welcoming the concessions. They praised this move as essential for protecting the next generation of Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters. However, they also expressed concerns about the overall price increases and the club’s understanding of the fans’ economic situation.

A United Effort

It’s important to note that this progress is thanks to the joint efforts of fan groups, podcasts, and channels. The 1877 Trust and others have made significant noise across various platforms, helping to bring about these changes.

Trust Issues

Despite the positive outcomes, trust between Wolves’ hierarchy and its supporters has been damaged. Fans feel let down by the price increases and are calling for better decision-making in the future. The club now needs to work hard to regain this trust.

Final Thoughts

The latest season ticket developments are a step in the right direction, though not everything fans hoped for. The freeze on adult season ticket prices and the rollback for under-14s are significant wins. However, concerns about overall pricing remain.

The club must now focus on maintaining open communication and rebuilding trust. Your thoughts are crucial, so leave your comments below. Your voices matter and have already made a difference. 

Always Wolves!


The following has been agreed and will be communicated directly to season ticket holders via email:

  1. A guaranteed freeze on adult season ticket prices for the 2025/26 season.
  2. No price increase for under-14s for the 2024/25 season.
  3. The pricing strategy and structure of junior season tickets will be reviewed for the 2025/2026 season, in consultation with the FAB.
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