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watch us break down how sudu, levy and Fosun are all linked

Wolves’ New Kit Supplier: An In-Depth Look

This post aims to shed light on Wolves’ new kit supplier, Sudu, and how it intertwines with other entities like Levy Sports, Fosun, and the impact on the club. We will break down the history, current partnerships, and what lies ahead.

Introduction to Sudu and Levy Sports

Recently, Wolves leaked kit indicates a new brand Sudu a company formed in 2023. The announcement intrigued many fans, especially since Sudu is relatively unknown.

The connection with Levy Sports emerged when Vinnie Clark, previously the head of retail for Wolves, became the CEO of Levy Merchandise. His move raised eyebrows, especially when it was found that Levy Merchandise’s website is heavily branded with Wolves imagery. This seemed to be more than a coincidence.

From Adidas to Castore

Wolves’ journey with kit suppliers under the ownership of Fosun started with Adidas. Initially, the partnership was well-received, thanks to the top-quality designs. However, due to the club’s size compared to giants like Manchester United, Wolves had limited options. They were often presented with only two kit designs each year.

Seeking more control and variety, Wolves transitioned to Castore, a disruptor brand known for its rapid growth. Castore later partnered with other clubs like Rangers, Newcastle, and Aston Villa. The Castore deal allowed Wolves to manufacture and produce their replica shirts under license, aiming to open up global markets more swiftly.

The Shift to Sudu

The move to Sudu is a strategic approach by Wolves to further leverage their brand globally. Sudu, newly established with no previous records, presents a fresh start. The company is registered under the ownership of Fosun Sports Group, Wolves’ current owners. This indicates a strategic alignment but raises questions about revenue redirection.

The Role of Levy Merchandise

Levy Merchandise’s involvement goes beyond simple retail operations. The company now manages all Wolves’ retail operations, including staff and logistics. The link between Levy Merchandise and Sudu became apparent when it was discovered that the ownership of Levy Merchandise includes both Compass Contract Services and Guo Guangchang of Fosun Group.

This ownership structure suggests that the revenue from kit sales may flow outside the club through these entities. While this is a business strategy to widen revenue streams, it creates a need for transparency on how these revenues will benefit Wolves.

Sudu: More Than Just Kits

Sudu aims to be more than a kit supplier. Their newly launched website highlights their ambition to provide a wide range of sportswear and accessories. The brand’s mission and vision focus on empowerment and functionality, promising high-quality products. However, it remains to be seen if the kits will meet fans’ expectations in terms of quality and design.

Betting Sponsor Controversy

Another point of interest is the new betting sponsor, DeBet. Despite the upcoming ban on betting sponsorships on the front of shirts, Wolves have opted for this partnership. The deal, reportedly worth around £7 million, aims to maximise revenue in the short term. While this decision is commercially sound, it has not been well-received by fans who disapprove of betting sponsorships.


The new partnership with Sudu and the involvement of Levy Merchandise mark significant shifts in Wolves’ commercial strategy. These changes aim to unlock new markets and revenue streams, but they also raise questions about transparency and direct benefits to the club. The forthcoming season and the quality of the new kits will be crucial in determining the success of these moves.

As we await the official unveiling of the new kits, what do you think about these changes? Will Wolves’ new partnerships drive the club forward, or are there too many uncertainties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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