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Sean Stanton gives his view on wolves fines from the fa

So, Wolves receive another fine for failing to control players and staff after Rodrigo’s goal and the Matheus sending off against Leeds.

Following on from the fine received when Gibbs White stirred everyone up after our Carabao Cup exit.

We’ll probably get another fine for the melee on Saturday after Adama was brought down in the box.

I was unsure about it being a penalty at first but I’ve just watched it closely and I urge you to do the same. The reason Adama went down was because Felipe kneed him in the back of his thigh. 

Obviously VAR missed it. Or maybe they saw it and looked at Adama’s badge.

If we do get another fine that’ll be about £150,000 Wolves have coughed up.

£150,000 for complaining about really bad decisions that everyone except the (insert your own appropriate expletive) at Stockley Park knew were wrong.

And now they are having a further investigation into little Dan blowing air onto Johnsons face.

If VAR could have spotted even the slightest trace of spittle leaving the diminutive striker’s mouth he would have been off.

So why are the powers that be picking on Podence

Because, in my opinion, they are cowards and hypocrites.

They could always look into the owners of Newcastle United.

They could look into the fact that the owners of Newcastle United assured the Premier League that they are not state owned and then claimed the exact opposite in a US court.

But no.

They’ll zoom in on the footage of our miniature striker Dan in the vain hope of spotting a microscopic droplet of moisture escaping from his mouth so they can give him a ban.

And why will they do that ?

Because Podence is a little guy from Portugal where as the owners of Newcastle United are more than likely the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the FA can probably remember what happened to that journalist who popped into the Saudi embassy in Turkey.

They shouldn’t worry. I reckon if the top brass at the FA were all decapitated they’d carry on running around anyway.

After all, isn’t that what chickens do.

Sean Stanton


Born in Wolverhampton. Raised in Dudley, Drank in the Beacon in Sedgley until he had children. Now drinks at home.

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