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Is the world flat ?  NO

Are Michael Jackson and La Toya Jackson the same person ? NO

We’re the moon landings faked ?  NO

Did Debbie McGee have sex with a…..better not do that one. We could get sued and anyway the answer is NO.

Did the rollout of 5G cause Covid ? NO

Did the Queen arrange to have Diana murdered ? NO

Does Elvis work in a chip shop in Rotherham ? NO of course he bloody doesn’t 

Are the PGMOL officials and the FA conducting a vendetta against Wolves ??????

Hmmmmm. Not so sure about that one.

If you had suggested that to me after the debacle at Anfield (Goal not given, pen not given, Adama’s face trampled on, nothing done) and the loss at the City Ground (blatant pen not given for foul on Matheus that took his boot off) I would have laughed at you and said “Of course not. It’s just incompetent officiating”

But now ?  A few months down the road and after a continuous catalogue of calamitous decisions going against Wolves, I’m not so sure.

It seems to me that in the last couple of days the powers that be are deliberately attempting to wind Wolves up.

You can just imagine them sitting there at the FA sniggering to each other.

“Tell you what, ho ho, shall we ramp things up a bit and blame Julen Lopetegui for the melee at the City Ground”

” Ha ha, Good Idea, that will really rub salt into the wound, and we’ll also say that Gibbs White’s 70 yard sprint and knee slide celebration right in front of the Wolves fans was innocuous, chortle, chortle”

“Hee hee, and just for a hoot we’ll also charge them with failing to control their players and staff in injury time against Leeds after we allowed that goal to stand when Traore was clearly fouled and then sent Matheus Nunes off for absolutely no reason whatsoever, guffaw, guffaw”

I have seen and heard podcasts and read some articles from Wolves fans and Journo’s criticising the players and staff for complaining about the decisions.

The players and staff are not robots.

What are they supposed to do?

Just sit back and take it?

Turn the other cheek maybe?

They are fighting for their lives in the Premier League, not attempting to gain entrance to heaven.

Our own fans making snide remarks about Matheus getting that red card “If only he showed the same passion on the pitch”

He does show that passion on the pitch (He’s always first to leap on the goalscorer like Coady used to be) If anything I think both our big money signings, Nunes and Cunha are so desperate to do well that they are trying too hard (unlike Guedes and Trincao before them) I also believe that both of them will play a big part in proceedings over the next ten games.

In the meantime, if the ref’s screw up again, lets get in their faces and let them know about it. If the worst comes to the worst and we do end up going down. Let’s go down with a snarl, not a whimper.

Sean Stanton


Born in Wolverhampton. Raised in Dudley, Drank in the Beacon in Sedgley until he had children. Now drinks at home.

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