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The first two goals left you feeling that something could have been done and last years Sa may have found a way to keep them out. The reality is that you are looking for miracles because something has gone wrong in front of him. Sensational first half save and probably played more passes than any outfield player.


His game was defined within a few first half minutes. Elected to (poorly) pass to Costa with the Chelsea defence exposed. The sight of the goal seemed to visibly drain any confidence from Semedo who was only to happy to try and pass the responsibility off to someone in a worse position Moments later was caught beneath a very good Mason Mount cross for the Chelsea opener. Having taken a first half pummelling, both key moments asked questions of Semedo that he had no answer to


He just doesn’t look the same player as the one that Nuno used to send to war. He was a man for  the trenches, a fighter, never putting a foot wrong, the archetypical Mr reliable. He looks smaller and fragile, like a strong wind might knock him off balance. Chelsea overloaded the right hand side and left him with an impossible task in marshalling that flank without any assistance from the hapless Guedes. The latter electing to not bother to track back or occupy Azpilicueta. 


Diabolical defending for the third goal. The game may have been over but was asleep and turned inside out by Broja. He may have caught him offside had it not been for Toti behind him, but herein is probably the only issue with Max Killman. He isn’t an organiser of others, he isn’t someone who is going to take charge of a defence. Whilst he is usually the better of the centre halves, he isn’t a lead centre half. That may stop him making it to the very top


There was enough here to be certain that he should have started against West Ham. Defensively sound although shares culpability for the third goal with Kilman. On the ball was another matter, continually gave the ball away, missed his kick or put the ball out of play. Chelsea were applying pressure though throughout, and in his defence, he didn’t hide and continued to make himself available


Enjoy this man whilst we can. We didn’t get the ball to him anywhere near enough but whenever he did get it, wow. Glides around the pitch leaving a trail of sliding players behind him. He has the lot except it seems, the ability to score headers when well placed. Its not the first header that has been misguided when he should score, but that will surely come. Too good for this Wolves team. 


Captain for the day and a lot of effort given to the cause. Moutinho however looks generally a little bit lost at the moment. Asked to play in a two in the first half, he appeared over powered by bigger, fitter players. The added protection of Hodge in the second half helped stem the tide. You can’t doubt the effort, but there has to be questions as to whether he can function in a two at this stage in his career. Would expect him to make way for Neves next week. 


This is becoming a problem. Looks totally disinterested and was completely anonymous. Did nothing offensively and was so ineffectual that Azpilicueta just stopped marking him and spent the whole first half double teaming Jonny into submission. His transfer looks horrific value at the moment, his performances making people look wistfully back on the ‘glory days’ of Trincao.


Flips, tricks and chips. He tried them all … over and over again. You have to admire the resilience to continue despite repeated failure. He was at least trying something though, although it felt like someone had their finger stuck on the skill button when simple passes would have been the better choice. Chelsea were so on top that this wasn’t a fair assessment of Podence in the 10 role, how he does against Nottingham Forest will be key


So frustrating. For the first 30 minutes he couldn’t control the ball. Simple passes were bouncing off all parts of his body and out of his possession. Also looked like he was forgetting he was playing football at times, like an internet lag on a teams meeting. Once he had sorted his feet and his wifi connection though, he came to life. Beating Chelsea defenders at will and putting in a succession of dangerous crosses. Should have been played in by Podence when well placed. Was withdrawn after 70 minutes assumedly because the game was gone and preparations were being made for Forest. Giving up games with 20 minutes to go is not a good look for the fans, particularly those who walked there. (amazing effort Manny. Unbelievable) 


Smart movement and some height in a team that looks really really small. Minutes in the bank and brought off to prepare for Forest. Looked annoyed that he was playing for the team in gold and not the one in Blue and who could blame him. He would have had a hattrick if he played for them, such was the regularity of chance creation.

Joe Hodge - 7 (SUB)

Didn’t help the height mismatch but was very good. Not very good for someone making their first appearance in the first team, let alone the Premier League, he was just very good. Comfortable on the ball and looked to progress the ball forwards. A huge improvement on Guedes and up there with the best performers on the day.


Brought on after Chelsea had pretty much declared in terms of an attacking threat, choosing to preserve energy for bigger and better opponents to come. As such he was afforded little space and couldn’t influence. Looks really raw and in ordinary times, really shouldn’t be at this level just yet. 


He did what Hwang Hee-Chan does in a Wolves shirt. Ran about a bit, lost control of the ball with the usual regularity, had a tame effort on goal and largely faded into background noise. Not sure where he plays but it is not a striker. Game was over before he came on and you can’t fault the effort. The form of Guedes is likely to push him into a starting position through default rather than anything he is doing to force himself into the team 

overall team rating - 5

We are not at Chelsea’s level. Short of confidence and if that doesn’t change fast, then regardless of playing personnel, a relegation battle looms. The team selection was bold and against lesser opposition, may have been effective. A new manager is desperately needed but the damage runs deep. Lage’s influence is going to be longer lasting than his physical presence. We are falling and suspect that there is a long way to the literal bottom to come 

Dave Porter, Always Wolves Fan TV

article by Dave Porter

Wolverhampton born, East Sussex based supporter. Old enough to have seen the descent to the bottom, young enough to not have experienced the days my friend. Not many Wolves fans to celebrate or commiserate with round these parts, so had to find an outlet to discuss the enormous highs, crushing lows and share the frustrations that only come with following Wolves.  

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