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England Advances to Euro 2024 Semi-Finals After Thrilling Shootout Victory Over Switzerland

England’s dramatic entry into the Euro 2024 semi-finals was secured through a nerve-wracking penalty shootout against Switzerland, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. The match ended 1-1 after extra time, but it was in the penalties where England shone, clinching a 5-3 victory. Bukayo Saka’s equaliser and Jordan Pickford’s crucial save from Manuel Akanji were pivotal moments, epitomising the tension and relief experienced by everyone involved. While Gareth Southgate’s men maintain a somewhat unpredictable form, their resilience in shootouts continues to defy expectations. Next, they face the Netherlands, hoping to carry forward this newfound momentum.

Switzerland Takes the Lead

Switzerland began to dominate much of the second half, showcasing their strength and determination. They pushed England back and controlled the midfield, creating multiple chances. Their persistence paid off in the 75th minute when Breel Embolo found the back of the net.

  • Switzerland’s Dominance: Switzerland kept pressing England’s shaky defence, making it difficult for them to maintain possession. Players like Granit Xhaka and Remo Freuler controlled the tempo, forcing England into a defensive stance.
  • Embolo’s Goal: Embolo’s goal came from a well-orchestrated move. Silvan Widmer sent in a low cross that took a slight deflection off John Stones, and Embolo was quick to react, sliding the ball past Jordan Pickford.
  • Pressure on England: As Switzerland took the lead, the pressure mounted on England. Fans feared that Gareth Southgate’s 100th game in charge might end in disappointment, especially with key players like Harry Kane and Phil Foden struggling to make an impact.

Saka’s Game-Changing Equaliser

With the prospect of elimination looming, Bukayo Saka stepped up to change the course of the game. His equaliser was a testament to his skill and composure under pressure.

  • Saka’s Moment of Magic: Receiving a pass from Declan Rice, Saka made a brilliant move, cutting inside from the right flank. With a swift turn, he unleashed a left-footed shot that curled past the Swiss goalkeeper, Yann Sommer, into the net.
  • Impactful Substitutions: Gareth Southgate’s decision to bring on fresh legs, including Eberechi Eze and Cole Palmer, paid off. Their energy and creativity injected new life into the team, setting the stage for Saka’s crucial goal.
  • Setting the Stage for Drama: Saka’s goal not only equalised the game but also shifted the momentum. England, who had struggled for most of the match, found new belief and pushed for the win. The match eventually headed to extra time and penalties, where England’s preparation and psychological readiness shone through.

The quarter-final match against Switzerland was a testament to England’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure. Though they were on the back foot for much of the game, key moments of brilliance, exemplified by Saka’s equaliser, ensured their journey in Euro 2024 continued.

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The Drama of the Penalty Shootout

The quarter-final match between England and Switzerland at Euro 2024 will be remembered for the nail-biting penalty shootout that followed. England’s ability to hold their nerve during such a high-stakes moment was remarkable, and the vital role played by key figures like Gareth Southgate, Jordan Pickford, and Trent Alexander-Arnold cannot be overstated.

Jordan Pickford

Jordan Pickford has become synonymous with penalty shootout success for England. His crucial save in this shootout further cemented his status as a reliable last line of defence.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold, known for his attacking prowess, showcased his nerves of steel during the shootout.

  • Decisive Penalty: Alexander-Arnold’s role went beyond just scoring; he took the final penalty that sealed England’s victory. His shot was powerful and placed with precision, leaving Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer no chance.
  • Confidence: His approach was calm and collected, reflecting the thorough preparation and belief instilled by Southgate. His penalty was the nail in the coffin for Switzerland, ensuring England advanced to the semi-finals.


As the semi-final approaches, England must combine tactical acumen with individual brilliance to stand a chance against a strong Netherlands side. The match promises to be a thrilling encounter, with both teams vying for a spot in the final.

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