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So, Wolves travel to Chelsea with Gary O’Neil making some changes from the defeat to United. Rayan Air-Nouri comes in, as well as Gomes and Sarabia. Within 2 minutes, Wolves pressure a mistake from Chelsea, which gave a chance to Neto. However, his shot was saved, and then Cunha picked up a second giveaway and shot, which was comfortable for the Chelsea keeper. Chelsea break, and Nkunku breaks free. Sa comes out and forces the Chelsea player near the touchline, and Dawson cleans up. Five minutes gone, and Enzo fouls. Semedo gives Wolves a free kick taken by Sarabia and defended easily. The game settles down, both teams having good possession and attacking each other. Thirteen minutes gone now, Wolves are doing well. Semedo is pressing well against Chilwell and getting some good throw-ins in attacking positions. Neto is released down the right wing, but his cross is poor and doesn’t find a Wolves red shirt. Eighteen minutes gone now, and Wolves have gone a bit sloppy in terms of passing and given the ball away a few times. But generally, they have defended well until Chelsea find Palmer, and Toti is left ball-watching, leaving Palmer to run clear and finish 1-0 to Chelsea.

Wolves break forward with Gomes, who is brought down. The ball falls to Cunha, who fires a shot that deflects off Tiago Silva into the goal. It’s now 1-1 with 22 minutes played.

Wolves win a free-kick on the right, and it’s taken but  is defended easily by Chelsea, who then go on the attack. They seem to be in a solid defensive position.

27 minutes in, Chelsea’s Palmer falls over, but it’s deemed a push by Toti. A free-kick by Chelsea finds Raheem Sterling in space in the box, but his shot goes wide at 29 minutes.

Mala Gusto loses the ball, and Ait-Nouri breaks free. Gusto catches up with him and defends well until the ball goes out for a free-kick at 30 minutes. Sarabia takes the free-kick, and Cunha heads narrowly over.

Chelsea look worried at the back, giving the ball away under pressure. Wolves are performing well, but Chelsea break with a long ball to Daniel into Sterling, who runs one-on-one against Dawson. Enzo receives the ball in the box, and Mario Lemina clears the defence.

There’s a VAR check for a penalty, but it’s ruled out – goal kick. Wolves are under pressure at 34 minutes. The ball comes to Cunha, who isolates after Ait-Nouri, but he doesn’t get the ball. Enzo takes a shot from 25 yards that sails over the bar.

Neto is hounded by Chelsea players but keeps possession. Wolves recycle to Ait-Nouri, who forces a mistake from Gusto. Wolves throw at 37 minutes, looking dangerous. They lead in chances on goal stats by 3-2.

Then Gomes escapes a yellow card for a rash challenge, allowing Chelsea to break and win a corner. Wolves clear it, and the ball reaches Neto flying down the wing. He cuts inside, but Chelsea block it, and he appears to foul Chilwell. Chelsea has a free-kick, 40 minutes in.

A great ball down the wing from Dawson to Neto, who crosses to Ait-Nouri. His shot is deflected by Chelsea into their net, making it 2-1 to Wolves after 44 minutes. The fourth official raises his board, indicating 4 minutes of extra time. Gusto attacks down Chelsea’s right-wing, and Toti defends well for Wolves to clear.

De Sassi, whose shot deflected off Ait-Nouri, continues to have a nightmare and boots the ball out of play for no reason. Wolves’ pressing here is fantastic, most of it stemming from Gomes.

That’s it. I think a very solid 7 performance so far, as the ref blows for half-time.


second half

The second half starts with no changes to either team. This is how Wolves can finish the game and take three points. Wolves push forward straight from the restart. The ball comes to Neto, who battles with two or three players. He tries to shoot, but the keeper saves it and eventually concedes a free kick. Chelsea play well, with Cole Palmer being their standout player. He sends a deep ball to Chillwell, who flicks it back to Sterling. Sterling shoots wide by 3 feet and misses a great chance to score.

Two minutes into the second half, both teams have had good opportunities to score. Apart from these instances, not much has happened. Wolves defend well, with Benevola making a couple of crucial interventions and winning free kicks. They keep a solid shape, forcing Chelsea to move the ball around without much cutting edge.

Chelsea finally manage to create an opening against Wolves. Toti clears for a corner, which they defend successfully. Chelsea earn another corner, but Tiago Silva heads well over the bar. Wolves then launch an attack, and Cunha is brought down by Caicaido after a brilliant run. Wolves are awarded a free kick just 3 yards from the edge of the box.

Sarabia takes a free-kick, and it’s very close to the side, a great free-kick. It could have been a goal. Wolves get the ball again, and press, this time it’s Caicedo who is brought down on the edge of the box, a free-kick more central this time. 

Neto takes the next free-kick, which goes straight into the wall. Wolves get a corner, and there is a foul in the box. Chelsea go long and win a corner, which Wolves defend. Wolves break, and Cunha holds the ball up well for Wolves to regroup. 60 minutes gone.

Chelsea break, and Palmer finds himself in space, gets a shot off, blocked for the second one, which lands gratefully in Sa’s hands. Caicedo is removed by Chelsea and replaced with Nicholas Jackson. He was pretty lucky to stay on the pitch, only booked for one of the two challenges in the box, and it’s a good move by Chelsea to take him off. Wolves have a goal kick; 62 minutes gone.

Straight from the kick, Wolves release Neto down the right. He squares to Cunha, who has run free from Gallagher to finish 3-1 to Wolves, a great goal.

65 minutes gone now. Wolves just need to be solid and carry on the way they are, and I think they’ll bring this victory home. It’s the first time we will do the double. over Chelsea  in a season for over 40 years.

Wolves break again, and Cunha lobs the ball off to Sarabia, who can’t quite finish. 66 minutes gone, and Joao Gomes is hurt in a tackle. Chelsea play on and cross for Nicholas Jackson, who heads wide.

They will continue to have possession, moving the ball around, spraying the ball.  I think Wolves are about to make some changes. Sarabiaand Neto are replaced by Doyle and Bellegarde.

73 minutes gone, Bellegard has come onto the right wing in place of Neto and is already having tussles with Chilwell. A little bit worried about Mario Lemina, who appears to still have a knock.

75 minutes gone, Cunha breaks again, but his pass doesn’t find Bellegarde. Cunha has been unplayable in the second half. Chelsea is really pressing now to get back into the game. Are we going to catch a break and win this game? It’s going to be a very tight finish.

The ball finds Doyle in the right-back position. He’s about to play a lovely ball down the right wing but is fouled from behind by Chilwell. He finally gets a yellow card that should’ve happened 30 minutes ago.

The ball breaks on the left wing with Cunha, who breaks down and goes into the box, pulled down from behind by Mala Gusto. Penalty to Wolves. VAR review – penalty.

Hat-trick goal for Wolves, 4-1. 82 minutes gone, we aren’t losing this one today!

85 minutes gone, Chelsea has a corner. Thiago Silva gets in front of Semedo and gets a slight touch to send the ball into the goal.

Hugo Bueno comes on for Ait-Nouri, who has had a good game. The ball comes to Gallagher in the box, he goes down, but the ref doesn’t give the penalty, and Wolves bring on Doherty.

Doherty replaces Joao Gomes, who has also had a good game.

88 minutes gone, how long will be added? The answer is ten minutes, and I can’t recall the physios being on the pitch. Disgraceful, Chelsea now has a penalty review which thankfully says no.

Wolves need to solidify themselves here and manage the game. No repeat of Thursday, please. Bellegarde breaks and has an opportunity, but his shot is weak. 94 minutes gone. Great defending from Toti stops another Chelsea attack, and Wolves can break forward, but Chelsea press again. That second goal has given them confidence. Cunha runs back from the halfway line to win the ball and is given a free kick, great defending from a forward. Three minutes left.

The game ends after 110 minutes. I don’t know where the time came from. Match rating an 8 for me. The man of the match was Cunha, who I gave a 9. Good reply from the disappointment of Thursday.



Chris Humphries is a Season Ticket holder at Molineux who has been supporting Wolves since the mid 70’s. His other interests include Formula 1 and Rallying.

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