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Rodrigo Gomes is Wolves’ latest signing. We look at his journey from Portugal to the Premier League and what Wolves fans can expect from Gomes. This s report will break down his strengths, potential impact, and what he brings to the team. Get ready to see why Rodrigo Gomes is a name to watch this season.

Rodrigo Gomes: Player Profile

Rodrigo Gomes was born on 7th July 2003, in Portugal. At just 20 years old, he has already shown immense potential and skill on the field. Standing at 5’9″, he combines agility with a strong physical presence, making him a versatile player.

Position and Playing Style

Gomes primarily plays as a winger but is also comfortable in full-back roles. His speed and dribbling skills make him a constant threat on the flanks. He loves to take on defenders, using his quick feet and sharp turns to create space. His playing style is reminiscent of classic wingers, always looking to beat his man and deliver a dangerous cross or cut inside for a shot.

Nationality and Early Career

Rodrigo is proudly Portuguese and began his football journey with SC Braga. He joined their youth academy at the age of 11 and quickly rose through the ranks. His performances in the youth leagues caught the eye of scouts, and he made his senior debut for Braga at the age of 17.

Previous Clubs and Experience

Before joining Wolves, Gomes played for SC Braga and had a loan spell at Estoril. During his time there, he made 107 appearances, scored 21 goals, and provided 10 assists. His contributions were crucial in several key matches, showcasing his ability to perform under pressure.

Achievements and Highlights

  • Youth International: Rodrigo has represented Portugal at various youth levels, including the U17 and U21 teams. His international experience has helped him develop a mature understanding of the game.
  • Breakout Season: His breakout season came with Estoril, where he was one of their standout players. His performances earned him a move to Wolves, where he is expected to continue his development.

What He Brings to Wolves

Rodrigo Gomes brings a mix of youthful energy and technical skill to Wolves. His ability to play on either wing or in full-back roles gives the team tactical flexibility. Fans can expect to see:

  • Exciting Dribbles: Gomes loves to take on defenders and create scoring opportunities.
  • Accurate Crosses: His crossing ability will be a key asset for Wolves’ strikers.
  • Goal Threat: With a knack for scoring, he adds another dimension to Wolves’ attack.

Rodrigo Gomes is more than just a promising talent; he is a player ready to make an impact. Wolves fans have every reason to be excited about what he will bring to the team this season.

Early Years and Development

Rodrigo Gomes’ journey to becoming a professional footballer is a story of dedication and talent. Born in Povoa de Varzim, Portugal, Rodrigo’s love for football started at a young age. Growing up, he spent countless hours practising, driven by a burning desire to succeed in the sport he loved.

Progression Through SC Braga’s Ranks

Rodrigo’s football journey began at CB Povoa Lanhoso, a local club where he first showcased his skills. His talent quickly became evident, catching the attention of larger clubs. By the age of 11, Rodrigo made a significant move to SC Braga, one of Portugal’s top clubs renowned for its youth development programs.

At Braga, Rodrigo’s progression was swift. Rising through the youth teams, he stood out for his speed, dribbling, and football intelligence. These qualities made him a favourite among coaches and a standout player in the academy. His performances spoke volumes, predicting a bright future ahead.

In October 2020, at just 17 years old, Rodrigo made his senior debut for SC Braga. This marked an important milestone in his career, transitioning from a promising youth player to a professional. His debut was a result of his hard work and the belief Braga had in his potential.

Rodrigo’s key milestones at Braga include:

  • Youth Team Success: Rodrigo played a pivotal role in Braga’s youth teams, often being the game-changer in crucial matches.
  • Senior Team Integration: His smooth transition to the senior team underscored his readiness for top-tier football.
  • Consistent Performances: Rodrigo’s appearances for the first team demonstrated his potential, earning him valuable experience and recognition.

Rodrigo’s rise through SC Braga’s ranks is a testament to his talent and determination. His early years at Braga laid the foundation for his professional career, and his senior debut was just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey in football.

Expectations at Wolves

Rodrigo Gomes’ arrival at Wolves has generated excitement around what he can bring to the team. Wolves fans are eager to see how he will fit in with the squad and what kind of impact he might have this season. Here’s a look at what we can expect from Gomes at Wolves.

Cultural Fit and Personality

Rodrigo Gomes is known for his humble character and hard-working nature, making him an excellent cultural fit at Wolves. The team is building a culture of dedication and camaraderie at Compton Park, and Gomes’ personality aligns perfectly with these values. His willingness to put in the hard work, both in training and on the pitch, mirrors the team’s ethos.

Gomes’ on-field behaviour also reflects his humble and grounded personality. Even when playing at his best, he remains composed and focused, never letting his success get to his head. His humility and team-first mentality are traits that will endear him to Wolves fans and teammates alike.


Wolves had their sights on the promising youngster even before his Braga debut. Their extensive network of scouts first noticed Gomes in May 2020, during an under-17 match against Germany which Portugal won 2-0. In that game, he played on both wings, which has been a pattern in his career, and he received a positive scouting report. That match sparked Wolves’ in-depth research into the youngster, who continued to impress whenever Wolves’ staff attended his matches or watched him on video. The player Gomes has become aligns well with those early reports—he is highly determined, both on and off the pitch.

By the end of the 2021/22 season, Wolves intensified their scouting. Like Neto at his age, Gomes was frequently rotated during the season but proved his worth in the Europa League. His move to Estoril caught the attention of Wolves’ recruitment team, and his performances on loan raised his profile with clubs across Europe. Every Wolves scout, whether watching him live or on video, was impressed with Gomes. O’Neil’s prior knowledge of the player made it an easy decision for everyone involved.

Manager’s Perspective

Wolves’ manager, Gary O’Neil, has high expectations for Gomes. In recent interviews, O’Neil described Gomes as “the perfect type of signing for us.” This highlights not only the manager’s confidence in Gomes’ abilities but also his belief in how well Gomes fits into the team’s plans.

The coaching staff at Wolves are particularly impressed with Gomes’ versatility. His ability to play on either wing or as a full-back provides tactical flexibility, which is a significant advantage for the team. The coaches believe that Gomes’ speed and work rate will add a new dimension to Wolves’ attacking play.

O’Neil has also pointed out Gomes’ maturity, despite his young age. He believes that Gomes has the right mentality to handle the pressures of Premier League football and expects him to adapt quickly to the demands of the league. The coaching staff is excited to see how Gomes’ determination and hunger to succeed will translate on the pitch.

In summary, Gomes’ fitting into the team culture and the high expectations from Wolves’ management and coaching staff set the stage for an exciting season. Fans can look forward to witnessing his development and impact on the team throughout the season.


Rodrigo Gomes’ journey from SC Braga to Wolves is a narrative of dedication and exceptional talent. His versatility and skill set make him a valuable addition to the team. Fans are eagerly awaiting his debut, anticipating the impact he will bring to the pitch. With his speed, dribbling prowess, and goal-scoring ability, he is poised to become a key player for Wolves. The excitement surrounding his arrival is well-founded, and supporters can look forward to a thrilling season ahead. Rodrigo Gomes is ready to shine in the Premier League.

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