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Wolves Complete Signing of Versatile Winger Rodrigo Gomes

Wolves have just boosted their squad with the signing of 20-year-old winger and wing-back Rodrigo Gomes from Braga. The deal is reportedly worth around £12.7 million. This addition marks the club’s second signing of the summer, following Tommy Doyle.

Gary O’NeIl’s Enthusiasm for GomeS

Wolves manager Gary O’Neil is thrilled with the signing. He describes Gomes as the perfect fit for the club, highlighting his youth and potential. Though Gomes is not yet proven in the Premier League, O’Neil is confident in his ability to develop him to the required standard. O’Neil also praised Gomes’ character and enthusiasm, which have consistently impressed him.


gary o'neil

“He plays off the side and I like him off the outside. He’s played at full-back, at wing-back and I like him on the side of the midfield. We were unbelievably short of width last season, it was only Pedro who felt comfortable on the outside of the pitch attacking player wise, so when we were without Pedro we were stuck. Everything was central and we played narrow, so to have Rodrigo available to us on either side, and it’s not just his threat going forward, it’s how diligent and hardworking he is without the ball, will benefit us.

“You have to have it in the Premier League – you watch the top teams and, as good as they are with the ball, as soon as they lose the ball, they’re all really hard working, really diligent, so it’s something we need to add and get better at, and Rodrigo will help us.”

Sporting Director’s Insight

Sporting Director Matt Hobbs echoed O’Neil’s sentiments, describing Gomes as feisty and determined. Hobbs emphasised how crucial it is to secure signings early in the summer, allowing players to integrate from the first day of pre-season. Hobbs noted that the scouting process for Gomes has been extensive, following him closely since his loan spell at Estoril. He believes Gomes’ versatility will be a great asset, whether playing on the wings or centrally.



“Scouting has taken a while. He’s a player we’ve followed for most of the season, since he first went on loan. He’s a player we know very, very well and have done an awful lot of work on but getting him in has been relatively smooth because Rodrigo was clear that he wanted to come here and is excited.

“It’s not important to get a deal done early if it’s not the right player, but this is the right player. It’s great for the club to do that. He’ll be an important player for us with his versatility, creativity, technical ability and attitude on the pitch. The fans will love him and I’m genuinely really excited to have him here.”

Rodrigo Gomes’ Perspective

Rodrigo Gomes himself expressed his excitement about joining Wolves. He called it a dream come true to play in what he considers the best league in the world. He appreciated the strong efforts from the coaching staff to bring him to the club. Gomes also mentioned Pedro Neto as an inspiration, highlighting Neto’s similar path from Braga to Wolves. Gomes feels motivated to make a similar impact and is comforted by the presence of several Portuguese players in the squad.



“I think Wolves is a very good team and the staff and the gaffer wants me a lot and, for me, it’s good to feel that the staff want me. That’s a really good sign.

“I had the best season in my life in Estoril and I’m going to work hard every day to try and surpass that.”

Long-Term Strategy and Development

Investing in Gomes is not just about the present; it’s about the future. Wolves have a history of developing young stars, and Gomes fits this blueprint perfectly. Here’s why:

  • Youthful Talent: At a young age, Gomes has room to grow and enhance his skills further.
  • Potential: His performances at Braga showed he’s on the rise. Wolves aim to nurture this potential.
  • Sustainable Growth: By building a team around young talents like Gomes, Wolves are creating a squad that can consistently perform.

Strategic Fit and Tactical Adaptability

Gomes isn’t a one-trick pony. His versatility means he can slot into different roles and formations. Whether Wolves need a:

  • Pacey Winger: To stretch the play and deliver crosses.
  • Supporting Forward: To link up with the main striker.
  • Creative Playmaker: To dribble through defences and create scoring chances.

This flexibility will allow Wolves to adapt their tactics and keep their opponents on their toes.


Wolves fans have every reason to be optimistic. Two young and promising signings, including Gomes, could make a significant impact. The Premier League is undoubtedly tough, but Gomes’ impressive record in the Portuguese top flight—nine goals and eight assists for Estoril last season—suggests he has the potential to shine. His versatility, pace, and enthusiasm should complement Wolves’ attacking tactics well

Wolves are making forward moves this summer. Securing Rodrigo Gomes early on is a positive sign, especially with reported interest from Atletico Madrid. Only time will tell how well Gomes adapts to the Premier League, but the early indications are promising. What do you think of this new signing? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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