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Wolverhampton Wanderers have announced a new, long-term partnership with SUDU, marking a significant shift in kit design and pricing for the club. Starting from the 2024/25 season, SUDU will design and manufacture all Wolves kits, bringing in a team with experience from top brands like Adidas and Puma. This collaboration promises to celebrate the club’s heritage while enhancing player performance on the pitch.

The new kits aren’t just about aesthetics; they’re crafted with direct input from Wolves’ players, ensuring that every detail meets high performance standards. Additionally, fans will benefit from more affordable pricing, with pro jerseys set to cost £80 and a replica shirt £58, a considerable reduction compared to other Premier League teams. Wolves report that this deal not only prioritises quality and performance but also aims to make Wolves merchandise accessible to all fans, both locally and internationally.

Innovative Kit Design and Manufacture

SUDU is stepping in as Wolves’ official technical kit partner, bringing a fresh wave of design and manufacturing expertise. The team behind SUDU boasts experience from major brands like Adidas, Regatta, Puma, JD Sports, and Berghaus. This wealth of expertise has led to the creation of bespoke kits that merge Wolves’ storied heritage with cutting-edge performance features.

What makes this partnership truly unique is the involvement of Wolves’ players in the design process. The players have been consulted extensively to ensure that the final product not only looks great but also performs excellently on the pitch. Wolves captain, Maximilian Kilman, has praised the process, emphasising how the designers incorporated player feedback on fabrics, aesthetics, and performance into the final kits.

Kilman shared his excitement about the collaboration: “Being involved in the creation of our kit has been fantastic. We’ve been able to see our ideas and feedback shape what we’ll wear on the pitch.” The players worked closely with SUDU’s design team, testing different fabrics and fits to ensure the kits met their performance needs.

The design isn’t just about looking good; it’s about crafting a kit that enhances player performance. The kits were rigorously tested in fit and performance sessions, ensuring they meet the highest standards. Wolves believe this player-centric approach promises to deliver kits that support athletes at every turn.

About SUDU

Launched in early 2024 by Levy Merchandising and backed by Fosun Sports Group, SUDU is a brand on a mission. Their primary focus is to support athletes of all levels by providing high-quality technical clothing and footwear. But SUDU is doing more than just designing apparel; they’re aiming to challenge the status quo in the kit supply industry.

Traditional kit supply models often involved extensive brand licensing agreements that weren’t always in the best interest of sports teams or their fans. SUDU is changing the game by cutting out the middleman. This streamlined approach not only ensures cost savings but also allows for top-notch craftsmanship and better materials.

Joe Poole, head of partnerships at Levy Merchandising, highlighted the innovative pricing model introduced by SUDU. By eliminating unnecessary costs, SUDU is able to provide pro jerseys at a significantly lower price. For instance, Wolves’ new pro jersey will be available for £80, a stark contrast to the usual £125 seen with other Premier League teams. Replica jerseys will similarly see a price cut, making them more accessible to fans.

SUDU’s state that their ethos is grounded in fairness, not just in pricing but also in production. Their products are ethically sourced, working with factories that adhere to rigorous audit processes.

The benefits of this new partnership aren’t limited to just local fans. SUDU’s new model also enables Wolves to expand their global footprint by distributing products internationally at attractive price points. This expansion is crucial as Wolves look to grow their brand presence and connect with fans around the world.

With the streamlined supply chain, Wolves can ensure that their merchandise is available in stores across the globe, allowing fans from different countries to purchase their favourite kits without having to pay exorbitant prices. This global reach will not only increase the club’s revenue but also strengthen the international fan base


The training kit will be first to launch and will be available to view on the Wolves website from 10am tomorrow (28th June)

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