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What Type of Player is Jørgen Strand Larsen? [Full Analysis]

Reports from international journalists suggest that Wolves have reached agreement with Celta Vigo to sign Norwegian striker Jorgen Strand Larsen for around £25/30m and they are now working on full agreement for personal terms with the player.

 The 24-year-old Norwegian striker currently plies his trade at Celta Vigo in Spain’s La Liga. Known for his towering presence and sharp goal-scoring ability, Larsen’s been drawing comparisons to Erling Haaland, and it’s no wonder why. Standing at six-foot-four, he’s a powerhouse on the pitch, adept at holding up play and bringing his teammates into the game. With Wolves actively pursuing him as a key summer signing, fans are eager to see if he could be the prolific goal-scorer they’ve been craving.

So we delve a bit deeper in what to expect if he comes to Wolves.

Early Career and Development

Jørgen Strand Larsen’s journey to becoming a sought-after striker began in his hometown of Halden, Norway. His early years set the foundation for a promising career, demonstrating his potential and making him a player to watch.

Youth Career at Sarpsborg 08

Larsen started his professional journey with Sarpsborg 08, a club known for nurturing young talent. Breaking into the first team as a teenager, he quickly showcased his abilities. His loan to AC Milan during his youth career was a significant milestone. It provided him with valuable experience at one of Europe’s elite clubs. Not every young player gets such an opportunity, and Larsen made the most of it. This exposure to high-level training and competition greatly contributed to his development. It was a period that shaped his skills, work ethic, and understanding of the game.

Breakthrough at FC Groningen

In 2020, Larsen made a pivotal career move by joining Dutch side FC Groningen. This was where he truly began to make waves. The Eredivisie, known for its attacking style and nurturing of young forwards, was the perfect stage for him.

Larsen’s time at Groningen was marked by standout performances. In the 2021-22 season, he scored 17 goals in 35 appearances, a remarkable feat for any striker. His scoring ability and overall play earned him accolades, including being named Groningen’s Player of the Year. Notably, he was also featured in the Eredivisie Team of the Month for November 2022, underscoring his impact in the league.

These early years, from his time at Sarpsborg 08 to his breakthrough at FC Groningen, laid a solid foundation for Larsen. His development during this period set him on the path to becoming the prolific striker he is today, poised to take on new challenges and reach greater heights.

Current Role at Celta Vigo

Jørgen Strand Larsen has become a central figure at Celta Vigo. With his towering frame and impressive skill set, he has quickly established himself as a key player in their attack. His performance in La Liga has been noteworthy, attracting attention and making him a hot topic in transfer rumours.

Performance Statistics

Looking at Larsen’s 2023/24 season, his statistics speak volumes about his impact on the pitch. Here are some key metrics:

  • Goals: Larsen scored 13 goals in the 2023/24 season, making him Celta Vigo’s top scorer.
  • Assists: He contributed 5 assists, showcasing his ability to support his teammates.
  • Appearances: Larsen played in 37 La Liga matches, underlining his importance to the team.
  • Minutes Played: Accumulating over 2800 minutes on the pitch, he was a mainstay in the lineup.
  • Shots per Game: Averaging 2.58 shots per game, with 1.1 of those on target.
  • Aerial Duels: He won 2.29 aerial duels per game, using his height to his advantage.
  • Shot-Creating Actions: Larsen generated 1.92 shot-creating actions per game, highlighting his role in the build-up to goals.

These statistics highlight just how crucial Larsen has been for Celta Vigo, making him a player to watch in every match.

Playing Style and Strengths

Jørgen Strand Larsen’s playing style is a blend of physicality and technical prowess. At six-foot-four, his physical presence on the field is undeniable. Here’s a closer look at what makes him stand out:

  • Physical Presence: Larsen’s height and strength make him a formidable aerial threat. He often wins headers and holds up the ball effectively, allowing his teammates to join the attack.
  • Hold-Up Play: His ability to hold up play is one of his standout attributes. By shielding the ball and maintaining possession, he brings others into the game, creating opportunities for his team.
  • Versatility in Attacking Positions: Though primarily a central striker, Larsen’s versatility allows him to play on either wing. This flexibility makes him a valuable asset for any tactical setup.
  • Technical Skills: Despite his size, Larsen is not just a physical player. He possesses good ball control and can dribble past defenders, with a dribbling success rate of 0.91 per 90 minutes.
  • Goal-Scoring Instinct: Like his compatriot Erling Haaland, Larsen has a natural instinct for goal. His positioning and finishing make him a constant goal threat.

Larsen’s combination of physicality and skill makes him a unique forward. His ability to adapt to different roles and contribute in various ways is why he has been compared to top strikers like Haaland. This blend of attributes makes him an exciting player for Celta Vigo and a potential game-changer for any team willing to secure his talents.

International Career with Norway

Jørgen Strand Larsen’s journey with the Norwegian national team has been quite impressive. Making his debut in 2020, Larsen has quickly become an integral part of the squad, showcasing his skills on the international stage and contributing to Norway’s attacking prowess.

Early Contributions

Larsen’s involvement with Norway’s national team began early as he progressed through the youth ranks. He put in strong performances in the U17, U19, and U21 teams, which paved the way for his senior debut. His early international outings helped him acclimatise to the pressures and expectations of representing his country at the highest level.

Senior Debut and Early Matches

In 2020, Larsen made his senior debut for Norway in a friendly match. This was a significant milestone for the young striker, affirming his potential and the national team’s faith in his abilities. Since then, he has accumulated 14 caps and scored three goals, making notable contributions in various competitive and friendly fixtures

Comparison to Erling Haaland

Larsen has been called a strong striker who knows how to get into the box. Libertad Digital compared him to Manchester City’s Erling Haaland, noting his sharp instinct and knack for scoring, much like his fellow Norwegian.

Physical Attributes

One of the most striking similarities between Larsen and Haaland is their physical presence on the pitch.

  • Height: Both players tower over defenders, with Larsen standing at 6’4″ and Haaland just an inch shorter. This height gives them a significant aerial advantage, making them formidable in the air.
  • Strength: Their physical strength allows them to hold off defenders and win crucial battles, both on the ground and in the air. This ability to shield the ball and maintain possession is a pivotal part of their game.


Wolves have shown a strong interest in Larsen and are pushing hard to finalise the transfer. According to multiple reports, including those from reputable sources like Fabrizio Romano, the club has made a substantial offer for the striker.

  • Reported Bids: Wolves have reportedly presented Celta Vigo with a bid in the region of €40 million (approximately £34 million). This significant offer underlines their determination to bring Larsen to the Molineux Stadium.
  • Stages of Negotiation: The discussions between Wolves and Celta Vigo are said to be at an advanced stage. Fabrizio Romano reported that negotiations are moving quickly, and both parties are optimistic about reaching an agreement.
  • Statements from Parties: Larsen has expressed his interest in moving to the Premier League, stating that it has been a dream of his since childhood. His willingness to join Wolves adds a positive angle to the ongoing talks.

The transfer window is always a period filled with speculation and excitement, but the signals from all involved suggest this deal has a strong chance of coming to fruition. Wolves fans have every reason to stay hopeful.

Addressing the Striker Issue

Wolves have struggled with a lack of options up front, especially after the departure and injuries of key players. Currently, they only have one senior striker. Larsen’s addition would provide much-needed depth and competition in the striking department


Jørgen Strand Larsen offers Wolverhampton Wanderers an enticing mix of physical presence and technical skill. Standing tall at six-foot-four, his ability to dominate aerial duels and hold up play gives Wolves a new dimension in attack. Larsen’s knack for finding the back of the net and his versatility to play across various attacking positions make him a valuable asset. His comparison to Erling Haaland highlights his potential to be a game-changer in the Premier League. Wolves fans have a lot to be excited about with Larsen potentially leading their frontline.

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