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With the upcoming replay against Brentford at Molineux Karl Whitehouse looks at the history of Wolves in FA Cup replays.

A Classic – Wolves 1 Sheffield Wednesday 1 (4-3 Penalties) February 8th 1995

Wolves host Sheffield Wednesday after the original tie that was played on January 30th, 1995, ended in a 0-0 draw with a late penalty save from  Jones who saved Bart Williams shot. The reward would be a home tie against  Leicester City in the 5th Round.

This was a game that had plenty of incidents from start to finish to provide one of the best games to be played at Molineux that would long live in the memory.

Sheffield Wednesday kicked off the first half of the game attacking the North Bank,  Wolves started the brightest  forcing an early corner in the game, which was taken by Cowans, who put in to the mix of the box, causing Pressman the Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper problems, which was finally cleared by the defence for a throw in.

Sheffield Wednesday were making mistakes by not clearing their lines properly and they couldn’t contain the Wolves pressure from the start.

Atherton of Sheffield Wednesday went down the right hand side of the pitch to try and start an attack for the visitors, he hit a cross in which was cleared by the Wolves defence for a corner.  This was taken short by Atherton to Waddle, who then crossed the ball to Sinton and was headed clear by De Wolf for another corner. The resulting corner by Sinton was cleared by a brilliant punch by Jones in the Wolves goal as far as Walker in the Sheffield defence, who then put a ball in to start another counter attack, which ended in Bart Williams headed over the bar to end what was a frantic first 10 minutes of the game.

The next attack was by Wolves from a long throw in which the Sheffield Wednesday defender cleared for a corner despite not many players around him. The corner was taken by Dennison into a crowded box where Wolves had decided to crowd Pressman to try and get him to make a mistake in the goal, but it was Ingesson who rose the highest in the box, which he flicked on to Wolves player Kelly, who headed home to almost an empty goal on 12 minutes to give the home side the lead and give the Wolves fans something to cheer about.

Straight from kick-off, Sheffield Wednesday went to the other end. Sinton tested Jones, the Wolves goalkeeper, with a shot, who palmed it away with a good clearance.

Wolves had the next attack in the game when Goodman struck a good shot at goal which went and hit the post so near for Wolves getting the 2nd goal of the game.

The away team started to dominate the game by creating numerous chances in the game, searching for the equaliser, and then suddenly Wolves got the ball back with Kelly, who went on a run, and then went on to pass to his strike partner, Goodman, who hit his shot at goal just narrowly wide of the post, which was saved by Pressman for a corner but wasn’t given by the referee, and this was another chance to extend the lead.

Wolves had another chance in the first half when Goodman headed narrowly wide for another chance and then after that referee decided to call time on the first half action.

Half Time: Wolves 1 Sheffield Wednesday 0


Wolves kick off the second half shooting towards the North Bank and it was like the first half with the ball going backwards and forwards to both boxes.

Waddle was getting a chorus of boos from the Wolves fans when he got the ball. Sheffield Wednesday started to dominate the game after a period of two corners. The equaliser came from the 2nd corner when Sinton floated one in towards the middle of the box, cleared by de Wolf, only for Hyde, who hit his shot towards goal, which was saved by Jones and cleared by Cowans on the goal line, only for him to clear straight to Bright in front of him to poke home his goal from a few yards to make it 1-1.

Sheffield Wednesday started to boss the game with chances in the game, with Waddle supplying Bright with a good cross only for it to go wide, then Sinton had another effort on goal that went wide of the post.

Then Kelly had a chance after a flick on by the Sheffield defence, with his shot on his right foot palmed onto the post by Pressman and then cleared away by the covering defender.

The game was starting to get very stretched, with the ball going forward and then going backward, and both teams were trying to find a winner.

Dennison produced a brilliant cross for Kelly, with the on-rushing goalkeeper Pressman coming towards him to head narrowly wide.

Waddle then got into the action again with a cross towards Bright, who put the ball into the net only for the linesman to flag offside, which was the right decision, and this game is still finely poised.

Goodman had a chance. Only his shot went over the bar after being setup by his strike partner, Kelly.

After all this frantic action, the whistle came from the referee to signal the end of the game, with the score being 1-1, to go into extra time.

Full Time: Wolves 1 Sheffield Wednesday 1 

Extra Time

1St Half of extra time kicked off with Sheffield Wednesday, with the first chance when Waddle crossed towards Bright only for it to go wide, which would have given them the lead in the game.

Sinton was next to have a chance in the game, which was saved by Jones in the Wolves goal.

There was not much after that, and the referee blew his whistle to end the first period of extra time with the game still level at 1-1.

The second half of extra time kicked off the same as the first half in extra time, with Sheffield Wednesday attacking with Waddle supplying a cross to Hyde, but only his header went over the bar.

Then another chance was created by Waddle, who passed to Whittingham, who then passed onto Bright, who was left unmarked in the Wolves box, only for his shot to be blazed over the bar. Are Sheffield Wednesday going to be guilty of missing these chances to win the game?

Then the referee decided to blow the whistle to signal the end of extra time, with the game ending 1-1 and time for the penalty shootout to determine which team would come out and win this game.


One of the greatest penalty shootouts of all time.

Now the lottery of the penalty shootout begins with Sheffield Wednesday with the first kick from 12 yards.

First up was Bright, who sent Jones the wrong way to his left side to give Sheffield Wednesday the lead in the shootout, 1-0.

Next up was Thompson, who was on form from the spot, scoring in league games, but he went for power in his shot from the spot and hit the woodwork, and Sheffield Wednesday still led the shootout 1-0.

The second spot kick for Sheffield Wednesday was taken by Whittingham, who went for power into the top left corner to make it 2-0 in the shootout.

The second spot kick for Wolves was taken by Dennison and was comfortably saved by Pressman in the goal to keep it 2-0 for Sheffield Wednesday.

The third kick for Sheffield Wednesday was taken by Pressman, the goalkeeper, which was a surprise to see, especially when you get the goalie to take a kick near the end, and he went for power in his spot kick and scored to make it 3-0 and give Sheffield Wednesday the advantage. Even some Wolves fans started to leave after that, thinking of the worst that had happened, their team losing this shootout.

The third kick for Wolves was taken by Cowans to try and get Wolves back into the shootout, and he scored to make it 3-1 to Sheffield Wednesday, and now they have the chance to win it from the next penalty taker.

The fourth kick for Sheffield Wednesday was taken by Pearce, who went for power and hit the woodwork, and Sheffield Wednesday still leads 3-1, meaning the Wolves have to score the next one to carry on with the shootout.

The fourth kick for Wolves was taken by Kelly, who scored straight down the middle to make it 3-2 to Sheffield on Wednesday.

The fifth kick for Sheffield Wednesday was taken by Bart Williams, who had the kick to win the game, and this was saved by Jones to keep Wolves hopes alive of taking the shootout into sudden death, 3-2 to Sheffield Wednesday.

The fifth kick for the Wolves was taken by De Wolf, who had the chance to score and send the shootout into sudden death penalties. He scored to make it 3-3. What a brilliant comeback after missing the first two penalties in the shootout.

Sudden death penalty shootout with Waddle stepping up for his penalty with memories of the shootout miss against Germany in the 1990 World Cup and was saved by Jones in the Wolves goal to give the Wolves the advantage to win the game.

Up stepped Goodman to try and win the game for the Wolves after being behind in the shootout, and he went for power and scored to win the shootout for the Wolves. What a game of football to win after 210 minutes of action to end in this way.

The Wolves fans at the end of the game were in ecstasy and cheering and couldn’t believe what happened.

WOLVES: Jones, Blades (Mills 90), Thompson, Emblen, De Wolf, Law, Rankine (Bennett 117), Kelly, Goodman, Cowans, Dennison. 

Sub: De Bont.

Manager: Graham Taylor

SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY: Pressman, Atherton, Nolan, Hyde (Whittingham 106), Pearce, Walker, Waddle, Bart-Williams, Ingesson (Sheridan 71), Bright, Sinton. 

Sub: Woods.

Manager: Trevor Francis

Attendance: 28,136


Wolves Replay Games

Wolves have been involved in these replays of the FA Cup below, showing the outcome of the two games played in that year.

January 7th 1950 in the 3rd Round Plymouth 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 11th January 1950 Wolves 3 Plymouth 0.

28th January 1950 in the 4th Round Wolves 0 Sheffield United 0, and the replay was 1st February 1950 Sheffield United 3 Wolves 4.

11th February 1950 in the the 5th Round Wolves 0 Blackpool 0, and the replay was 15th 1950 Blackpool 1 Wolves 0.

7th January 1961 in the 3rd Round Wolves 1 Huddersfield 1, and the replay was 11th January 1961 Huddersfield 2 Wolves 1.

28th January 1967 in the 3rd Round Oldham Athletic 2 Wolves 2, and the replay 1st February 1967 Wolves 4 Oldham Athletic 1.

18th February 1967 in the 4th Round Wolves 1 Everton 1, and the replay was 21st February 1967 Everton 3 Wolves 1.

15th January 1972 in the 3rd Round Wolves 1 Leicester City 1, and the replay was 19th January 1972 Leicester 2 Wolves 0.

6th March 1976 in the 6th Round Manchester United 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was March 9th 1976 Wolves 2 Manchester United 3 after extra time.

3rd January 1981 in the 3rd Round Stoke City 2 Wolves 2, and the replay was 6th January 1981 Wolves 2 Stoke City 1.

24th January 1981 in the 4th Round Watford 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 27th January 1981 Wolves 2 Watford 1.

7th March 1981 in the Quarter Finals Middlesbrough 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 10th March 1981 Wolves 3 Middlesbrough 1 after extra time.

10th April 1981 in the Semi Finals Wolves 2 Tottenham 2 after extra time, and the replay was 14th April 1981 Tottenham 3 Wolves 0.

7th January 1984 in the 3rd Round Coventry 1 Wolves 1, and there was two replays 10th January 1984 Wolves 1 Coventry City 1 after extra time, 16th January 1984 Coventry 3 Wolves 0.

30th January 1995 in the 4th Round Sheffield Wednesday 0 Wolves 0, and the replay was 8th February 1995 Wolves 1 Sheffield 1 after extra time and Wolves won 4-3 on penalties.

11th March 1995 in the Quarter Finals Crystal Palace 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 22nd March 1995 Wolves 1 Crystal Palace 4.

24th January 1998 in the 4th Round Charlton 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 3rd February 1998 Wolves 3 Charlton 0.

13th February 1998 in the 5th Round Wimbledon FC 1 Wolves 1 and the replay was 25th February 1998 Wolves 2 Wimbledon FC 1. 

8th January 2000 in the 4th Round Sheffield Wednesday 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 18th January 2000 Wolves 0 Sheffield Wednesday 0 after extra time Sheffield Wednesday won 4-3 on penalties.

23rd January 2010 in the 4th Round Wolves 2 Crystal Palace 2, and the replay was February 2nd 2010 Crystal Palace 3 Wolves 1.

7th January 2012 in the 3rd Round Birmingham City 0 Wolves 0, and the replay was 18th January 2012 Wolves 0 Birmingham City 1.

9th November 2013 in the 1st Round Oldham Athletic 1 Wolves 1, and the replay was 19th November 2013 Wolves 1 Oldham Athletic 2.

3rd January 2015 in the 3rd Round Fulham 0 Wolves 0, and the replay was 13th January 2015 Wolves 3 Fulham 3 after extra time  Fulham won 8-6 on penalties.

6th January 2018 in the 3rd Round Wolves 0 Swansea 0, and the replay was 17th January 2018 Swansea 2 Wolves 1.

26th January 2019 in the 4th Round Shrewsbury 2 Wolves 2, and the replay was 5th February 2019 Wolves 3 Shrewsbury 2.

4th January 2020 in the 3rd Round Wolves 0 Manchester United 0, and the replay was 15th January 2020 Manchester United 1 Wolves 0.

7th January 2023 in the 3rd Round Liverpool 2 Wolves 2, and the replay was 17th January 2023 Wolves 0 Liverpool 1.




I am a Wolves fan and have been for over 30 years. I have supported them both home and away games in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and now like looking into Wolves historic games

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