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Wolves Premier League Fixtures 2024/25: Key Matches and Dates to Note


The 2024/25 Premier League season is just around the corner, and Wolves fans have plenty to look forward to. The opening fixture against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium promises to be a thrilling start. As Gary O’Neil’s squad kicks off their campaign against last season’s runners-up, expectations are running high.

Wolves will have their first home game against Chelsea, marking the return of Premier League action to Molineux. 

With a packed schedule featuring 33 weekend matches, four midweek games, and one Bank Holiday fixture, this season is set to be a rollercoaster. Whether you’re excited about facing newly-promoted Leicester City during the festive period or curious about the first-ever Premier League meetings with Ipswich Town, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Wolves’ Season Opener Against Arsenal

Wolves will kick off their 2024/25 Premier League season with a challenging match against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium. This encounter is not just another game; it’s a pivotal moment that sets the tone for the season. Starting against last season’s runners-up, the team faces a formidable opponent right out of the gate. Winning or even drawing against a top team like Arsenal can boost morale and set a positive tone for the rest of the season.

Home Opener Against Chelsea

Wolves fans are eagerly anticipating the first home game of the 2024/25 Premier League season, where Gary O’Neil’s side will face Chelsea at Molineux. Chelsea is always a tough opponent, known for their depth and quality. Facing them in the first home game will be a litmus test for Wolves’ ambitions this season. In fact the opening few games for Wolves are pretty tough again this season facing Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle, Villa an Liverpool in the first few weeks.

Key Matches to Watch

The 2024/25 Premier League season promises intense matchups and thrilling moments for Wolves fans. Here are some key fixtures that you won’t want to miss.

West Midlands Derby: Wolves vs Aston Villa

The local derby against Aston Villa is always a highlight of the season, and this year it takes place on the weekend of 21st September at Villa Park. The home fixtures is set for Saturday 1st February.

Christmas Period Fixtures

The festive period is always packed with critical games, and this season is no exception for Wolves.

  • Leicester City A (Weekend of 21st December):
  • Manchester United H (Boxing Day)
  • Tottenham Hotspur A (Sunday 29th December)

Midweek Matches

  • Tuesday 3rd December Everton A
  • Wednesday 15th January Newcastle A
  • Tuesday 25th February Fulham H
  • Tuesday 1st April West Ham H

Midweek fixtures can be difficult for many fans and Newcastle away on a Wednesday night is a troublesome one.

Historic and Notable Matches

As Wolves head into the 2024/25 Premier League season, some fixtures stand out for their historical and emotional significance. These matches offer more than just the usual competition; they carry with them stories, rivalries, and milestones. Here’s a closer look at some of the most anticipated and historic matches Wolves fans should mark on their calendars.

First Premier League Meeting with Ipswich Town

Wolves will face Ipswich Town at Molineux during the weekend of 14th December. This encounter isn’t just another game; it’s a moment of history. For the first time ever, the two teams will meet in the Premier League.

The last time Wolves and Ipswich Town clashed in the top flight of English football was way back in 1984. Since then, a lot has changed in the football landscape. Several generations of fans have never seen these two historic clubs compete at this level. With Ipswich Town’s promotion, they have re-entered a league they’ve spent decades trying to get back to.

Season’s Final Matches

As the 2024/25 Premier League season draws to a close, Wolves fans will have their eyes firmly set on the decisive fixtures that could shape the team’s final standings. With key home matches against Brighton & Hove Albion and Brentford, the conclusion of the season promises to be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Final Game Against Brentford

The season finale at Molineux against Brentford is a significant encounter, especially since it marks the first time Wolves will end their campaign at home against a non-‘big six’ team since their return to the Premier League in 2018. This game, set for Sunday, 25th May, is not only a chance to gather crucial points but also a moment to celebrate with the home crowd.

Fixture Changes and Updates

Fixtures can change for several reasons, and it’s important to stay updated. Here are some common reasons why your favourite team’s match date or time might shift:

  • Live TV Broadcasts: Matches are frequently rescheduled to be shown live on television. Broadcasters often select high-profile games for prime-time slots.
  • Cup Competitions: Progress in domestic and international cup competitions can lead to fixture congestion, prompting changes.
  • Weather Conditions: Adverse weather can cause delays or rescheduling for the safety of players and fans.
  • Safety Regulations: Matches might be moved for safety reasons, such as conflicts with other local events.

Here’s a list from the Premier League of when broadcast fixtures are due to be announced:-

August/ September Fixtures 18th June – 5th July

October Fixtures 22 July – 19th August

November Fixtures – 2nd September – 13th September

December/ January Fixtures 16th September – 14th October

February Fixtures 14th November – 9th December

March 2nd January – 24th January

April 27th January – 28th February

Match Week 35 17th – 21st March

Match Week 36 24-28th March

Match Week 37 31 march to 4th April

Match Week 38 Post MW37


The 2024/25 Premier League season offers an exciting journey for Wolves fans. From their opening clash against Arsenal to the nail-biting season finale against Brentford, every fixture promises action and drama.

Get ready to support Wolves through every thrilling moment of the Premier League season. Always Wolves!

Wolves News: Wolves Premier League Fixtures 2024/25
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