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Gary O’NeIl’s Press Conference Recap: Injury Updates, Team Morale, and Upcoming Challenges

In a recent press conference, Gary O’NeIl, the manager, shared critical updates and his views on the team’s current form, injury news, and the forthcoming match against Luton. Here’s everything you need to know from his discussion as we anticipate the next big game.

Injury News

The team is currently managing quite a few injuries but there’s a silver lining with some players making good progress. Santiago Bueno is out with a hamstring issue, though there’s hope he’ll be fit for the upcoming matches against Manchester City and Crystal Palace. Toti Gomes has also had a mild hamstring concern but is expected to be fit for tomorrow’s game. Fortunately, players like Cunha and Hwang are fit and ready to play, which is great news as the team looks to bounce back.

Form and Performance

O’Neil didn’t shy away from addressing the elephant in the room – the team’s recent run without a win spanning six games. Their performance against Bournemouth was notably below par, although there were signs of improvement in the second half. Gary emphatically dismissed any notion that the team were already on the beach, affirming that everyone is focused and eager to clinch a victory against Luton.

Luton’s Form and Tactics

 O’Neil noted their direct style of play and acknowledged their recent heavy defeats, which might make them even more determined in the next game. This match is crucial for both teams, with Luton fighting for survival and O’Neil’s squad aiming to get back to winning ways.

Tactical Adjustments and Team Strategy

The season has been a rollercoaster, moving from relegation talks to potential European qualifications, with injuries forcing O’Neil to continuously adapt his strategy. The tactical aspect of the game is something he cherishes, and despite the challenges, these situations have opened the door for many academy players. Impressively, 13 academy players have been involved in match-day squads this season, indicating a silver lining amidst adversity.


As the team faces Luton, the focus is clear – secure three points and move up the table as high as possible. With no significant new injuries and some players returning, Gary O’Neil appears cautiously optimistic about flipping the script and ending the winless streak.



  • On injuries in the squad: “Nobody to welcome back, I don’t think. We’re as we were with the injured players. [Jeanricner] Bellegarde, it’s a bit too soon but he did train with the lads today. Pedro [Neto] getting closer but still a bit too soon. Daws [Craig Dawson] has had surgery so nothing until next season and that’s it.”

  • On losing against Bournemouth: “I was critical of us as a group on the day for what we were able to produce and I haven’t had to do that many times this season but that was one that fell below the standards that we look to get to. It’s probably good for us that we’ve only got two days between games and we can look to bounce back very quickly against Luton.”

  • On what can be done to improve VAR: “I’m keen to let the guys get on with it and figure out what is best for the game. There are so many different things that are part of the game and getting the correct decision is obviously important. The enjoyment of the fans is important. There are so many different factors involved in it so me giving my opinion is not really that important.”

  • O’Neil added: “In terms of discussing VAR decisions, I will discuss things with you guys [the media] openly but on a day where my team underperform and I’ve been asked about VAR probably 80% of the time, I thought it was really important that we have a focus on ourselves and trying to make sure we get back to what we need to do. Some decisions will go for us, some will go against us and all the way through that, we need to make sure that we’re performing well.”

  • On Wolves’ season: “As disappointing as the other night was, *it is important to keep things in context in terms of probably everybody in this room or the channels that you represent, the pundits had us down as being relegated this year. We’re nowhere near being relegated this year so we have had a tough run recently but so many positives have come out of this season with the work that has been done by everybody, including the part that the young lads have played. I think it’s five league and cup debuts for the academy boys this year, another eight that have made first team matchday squads so it’s 13 matchday involvements for academy players this season. We have improved on last season’s points total, the numbers produced by the attacking players has improved from last year.”

  • O’Neil continued: “There are so many things that have gone well this season and although everyone feels down and it’s been a tough spell at this moment, I think it is always important that you look at the wider picture. Nobody is thinking about holidays or getting away from here, everyone is still fully focused and really want to make sure that we end the season well.”

  • On the Wolves fans: “The supporters will be so important for us as they have been the whole way through. We’re going to need them again. The atmosphere at Molineux has been probably the most enjoyable factor of this season for me if I’m being honest and I think the last few at home are something that I want to enjoy.”

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