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Chris Humphries takes a look at the things we learned from Wolves v Forest.

1. Twitter will be the death of us all.

I have known for a while that twitter can be a toxic place, some of my fellow Wolves fans have first-hand experience in what the evils of it are, there are also some good points and anyone who sees the efforts of Manny and Jason Guy can see that the platform does amplify their efforts and can be used. 

But to see a Professional Football club use its own social media account to pour scorn on another by using our recent launch videos to come up with a horrendously put together picture of one of their players  with some wolf cubs, is probably the lowest level of supposed banter I have seen.


Wolves News - 6 things we learned form wolves v forest

How did that pan out for you Nott Forest? 

At least my glorious club paid them back in kind!! 

2. Good riddance to Gibbs White!

I cannot believe that any Former Wolves player, would stand on the pitch at Molineux and clap and smile to Forest fans who are singing “he left cos your *****, Morgan Gibbs White he left cos your *****. 

I am bereft of any reasoning to see what is going on in this young man’s head, I couldn’t see it when he was a Wolves Player and I am even more amazed now.   

The guy thinks he is some world star and I’m afraid I put most of his transgressions down to bad advisors and influencers in his life. 

I have never seen an ex- wolves player be so disrespectful to my club. Good Riddance 

3. Progressive use of young Wulf's

I have absolutely loved Steve Davis’ tenure, his ability to utilise younger players in this period has been great, he has given both Bueno and Hodge opportunities and they haven’t let us down and looked confident in the side. Hodge’s presence and awareness to take a YELLOW FOR THE TEAM SHOWS THIS LAD HAS A FOOTBALL HEAD ON HIM, I hope whoever comes in can nurture him further. 

4. Things aren't good

I want us all to not lose sight of the fact we narrowly beat a very poor premier team today, we need some confidence and a massive level of improvement we need to start making clear scoring chances and also choosing the right option when in possession, better teams will kill us.

5. A Dacia in Rolls–Royce clothing

Matheus Nunes- oh my – a player who at times shows the utmost level of ability and quality, but unfortunately, he is not dominating games he isn’t putting a sustained level of performance together. 

I am genuinely worried that he isn’t settling in well enough, I understand that it may be difficult with the managerial changes, but at times he is ponderous on the ball and gets caught, he doesn’t appear as world class as we thought when he signed.


6. Women are better than Men

Seriously I have to admit it, I hate it, but if you get yourself down to the New Bucks Head and watch the Wolves Women, you will see a side with structure, a will to win, an energy and above all that a team who scores and wins regularly, I am not enjoying my pitch side viewing at Molineux at the moment!!


article by Chris humphries

Chris Humphries is a Season Ticket holder at Molineux who has been supporting Wolves since the mid 70’s. His other interests include Formula 1 and Rallying.

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