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What are the 5 key factors that could help Wolves secure a spot in the top seven?

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At the beginning of the season, everyone was certain Wolves would face relegation, so now aiming for the top seven is a pleasant surprise. Let’s look at 5 key factors that could make the difference.

1. Injuries

The first crucial element is to avoid injuries. Wolves have limited options on the bench and a small squad. While the team coped admirably without Neto for a while, missing a couple of key players could have a significant impact.

2. Goal Scoring

Wolves have been scoring for fun lately and need to maintain this momentum. 

Wolves should continue to instil a diverse goal-scoring strategy. By encouraging different players to contribute goals in unique ways, Wolves can keep their opponents guessing and maintain a competitive edge. 

Wolves have faced difficulties when playing against teams that have adopted a defensive approach. They have found it challenging to break down these teams and must now discover the creativity needed to overcome these obstacles

3. Defensive Stability

Wolves have let in more goals than they’d like, so Gary O’Neil is expected to concentrate on shoring up the defence and enhancing focus. Wolves need to steer clear of their habit of starting games slowly and falling behind early if they want to compete for a top-seven spot.

Additionally, Wolves have been focusing on improving their set-piece defending. Although they had been making progress in this aspect, they may be disheartened by some of the goals they have recently conceded.

4. Tactical Versatility

It’s crucial to keep a flexible gameplay strategy. Gary O’Neil has shown a readiness to adjust tactics and playing style based on the opposition and match circumstances. While some managers stick rigidly to their beliefs, this adaptability might just be what propels Wolves to a top-seven position.

5. A little bit of luck

Luck is also a factor to consider. With many teams competing for the top seven, Wolves might need some of their rivals to face challenges.

There’s a lot that need to fall into the place for Wolves to get a top seven finish but with the team morale flying high you never know!

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Wolves News - What are the 5 key factors that could help Wolves secure a spot in the top seven?
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